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Innovators of tomorrow bravely pitch judges at Health Tech Forward 

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Health tech startup owners who are “pioneering the healthcare of tomorrow” were invited to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges and live audience – at this year’s Health Tech Forward conference. But who made it to the finals?

A total of 80 startup owners bravely took to the stage (in-person or virtually), where they faced a stopwatch, and a 60 second limit, to get their message across clearly and concisely.

Despite the pressure, live audience and race against time, the pitchers took the microphone and pushed forward with their pitch, doing their best to impress the judges. 

What is Health Tech Challengers?

Health Tech Challengers identifies and brings top global digital health tech startups together on one stage to compete for global media exposure as well as the attention of 100+ VCs and CVCs.

To enter, startups must be innovators in one of these eight tracks, fostering digital health revolution:

  • Mental health
  • Gut health
  • Metabolic
  • Cardiovascular
  • Neurology
  • MSK
  • Workplace wellness
  • Clinical workflow

After the pitch, companies in each track were shortlisted by a distinguished panel of industry experts from leading corporations, Venture Capital, ecosystem builders and media partners.

Health Tech Challengers: Super finalists 

After a hugely challenging task of narrowing down 400 challengers to 80 finalists, judges were tasked with the even bigger challenge of coming up with “super finalists” – of which there can be only eight. 

The panel asked specific questions after each pitch, and deliberated amongst themselves, before announcing the Health Tech Challengers “rockstars” of 2022.

Mental health finalist – Yatek Solutions 

Yatek develops VR-based exposure training to help millions of people treat social anxiety using VR exposure therapy & AI.

Pitched by: Heidi Frost Eriksen 

Gut health finalist – Motilent 

Motilent is a technology startup focused on delivering innovative services for the quantitative investigation of the gut. 

Motilent champions the use of novel MRI post-processing software as a cheaper and safer biomarker for Gastrointestinal and Bowel Disorders, providing quantitative end points for research, drug development and clinical decision-making.

Pitched by: Beth Fisher 

Metabolic finalist – Alertgy

Alertgy has been founded by a small team of innovators that had collaborated on challenging technical programs over the years, specifically to address the highly desired ability to measure blood sugar levels with an external wearable sensor device.

Pitched by: Marc Rippen

Cardiovascular finalist – Implicity 

Implicity developed a remote monitoring platform for patients with connected pacemakers and defibrillators. Designed for cardiologists and healthcare professionals, it automates remote monitoring of their patients. 

An artificial intelligence module determines the criticality of each alert considering the medical context of the patient.

Pitched by: Arnaud Rosier 

Neurology finalist – NovaSight

NovaSight is an Israeli company that focuses on bringing paediatric vision care into the digital age. 

Founded in 2016, NovaSight has experienced rapid growth by delivering complete end-to-end eye tracking-based solutions for accurate assessment and treatment of early vision disorders.

One of the company’s flagship products is the CureSight™ – an eye-tracking-based system aimed for improving visual acuity and stereo acuity by training the visual system to use both eyes simultaneously.

Pitched  by: Ran Yam 

MSK finalist – Medical Magnesium 

Medical Magnesium develops metallic bioabsorbable implants for orthopaedic and trauma surgical therapy, based on its mm.X implant technology. The mm.X implants are mechanically stable and will be physiologically absorbed by the body after the fracture has healed.

Pitched by: Florian Coppers

Workplace wellness finalist – Onsurity 

Onsurity is a HealthTech & Employee Benefits organisation, disrupting the SME and startup healthcare market with technology and innovation. The company is offering a revolutionary healthcare platform – TeamSure, the next big thing in comprehensive employee healthcare.

Pitched by: Kulin Shah

Clinical workflow finalist – Saventic Health 

Saventic Health is a med-tech company that creates artificial intelligence algorithms to support doctors in diagnosing rare (hidden) diseases early based on patients’ medical records i.e. laboratory test results, radiology and other descriptive medical data.

Pitched by: Joanna Jarmoc

Joanna Jarmoc, of Saventic Health, told Health Tech World that after her pitch, the judges quizzed her about the number of rare diseases their algorithms cover, and to how they integrate with EHR systems.

She managed to impress them with her response, and was “extremely happy” to have made it as a super finalist.

She said: Since we are currently focusing on global expansion, winning the competition would definitely open many doors in countries where we are developing our operations – including  Germany, Brazil and the USA. 

“It would give us opportunities to dynamically grow our business and be able to help patients with rare diseases on a much bigger scale. Finally, it could give us great opportunities in terms of the next round of funding that we plan in the first quarter 2023.”

Ran Yam, of NovaSight, said the judges were “highly impressed” by their technology, as well as the recent CureSight FDA clearance.

He said: “Very excited to participate in the finals in Vegas. This is a great opportunity for NovaSight to get broad exposure at the point in which the company is moving to its commercialisation in the US and Europe.”

Want to hear the pitches? 

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