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When can consumers really trust AI?

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Consumers have revealed the reasons they are struggling to accept and trust AI – despite 72% of businesses claiming to be positively impacted by it, a report has revealed.

A perceived threat to jobs, and a fear that AI will be used for crime, were just some of the reasons consumers have said they are skeptical about artificial intelligence, and are struggling to trust its implementation into daily life. 

The “AI and the Power of Perception” report from DataRobot revealed that more than half (53 per cent) are neutral, skeptical or negative about AI, with 52 per cent believing such tech will result in job losses. 

Just under half of respondents saw potential for AI being used for crime, as well as a concern that it will be used for unauthorised use of personal data (49 per cent).

The report, which was based on a survey of over 5,000 consumers and business decision-makers across the globe, was intended to show the AI/ML opportunity and growth trajectory for business use will be influenced by consumer trust of AI. 

Businesses feel differently about AI 

Despite concerns and resistance from consumers, the research findings revealed a perceived, positive impact on business (72%).  

Respondents in financial services have even claimed that AI is already having the biggest impact  on areas such as increased business agility (70%), improved customer experience (71%), and increased customer personalisation (65%).

This is followed by an improved operational cost reduction (69%), and an accelerated innovation across the organisation (67%). 

Michael Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer at DataRobot commented: “While the growth trajectory of AI is unmatched, healthy skepticism still exists when it comes to consumer trust around AI.

“Businesses must address this reality in order to fully realize transformative outcomes with data-driven technology,” said 

“The journey to AI success is through better tools, increased investment in training and industry standards, and increased transparency around AI’s current and potential uses.

“These are factors that the industry can get to work on right away, and be ready to move first on the new opportunities unlocked by improved consumer perceptions in the future.”

Does AI deserve more credit?

Health professionals spoke out about how AI deserves more credit and will easily out-do humans in healthcare within the coming years.

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