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Patients to get access to advanced remote monitoring within personal health record




Access to healthcare at the tip of your fingers without the need of visiting a doctor? This utopian ideal has edged closer to reality for hundreds of thousands of patients across the UK and the Netherlands.

UK-based Patients Know Best (PKB) has partnered with Amsterdam-based Luscii in a deal to integrate the two digital health platforms.

Now, users of PKB’s personal health record will be able to access Luscii’s advanced remote patient monitoring programmes and AI-generated data for over 50 disease areas, bringing healthcare from the waiting room to the living room.

Millions of NHS patients use Patients Know Best to access their health records and interact with care professionals via tools such as  messaging and questionnaires.

Patients can access everything from appointment letters and test results to multidisciplinary care plans.

The technology is empowering people to play an active role in their health and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Luscii’s remote patient monitoring platform supports care professionals to treat their patients remotely and prevent unnecessary check-ups and hospitalisations.

The platform quickly scaled during COVID-19 as the building block for virtual wards in a lot of NHS regions and in the Netherlands.

Patients were provided with a pulse oximeter and asked to take daily readings at home, alongside temperature and symptoms.

The Luscii platform analyses all data and a care professional is informed straight away if any abnormalities are detected.

Today, doctors and nurses use the platform to remotely monitor over 50 conditions, like heart failure, COPD, gestational hypertension and  many more.

The addition of Luscii’s monitoring capabilities means patients using the PKN platform will not have to go to the doctor for regular check-ups. They will now be able to do this from home.

Patients will also be instructed to take readings or fill out questionnaires and will have access to self care advice.

Luscii’s artificial intelligence informs a care professional when attention is needed, with health data fed back to patients via their EHR.

Patients now have all their care communication in one place and are guided throughout their patient journey.

This allows doctors and nurses to create space for care by saving time, only seeing the patients who need support.

The initiative is set to increase capacity, help cut waiting times and support more targeted care.

The collaboration between the two scale-ups will first launch in the Netherlands and the wider-London area.

The integration is another important step in making digital health available to all citizens in both countries – as promised by both the Dutch government and the NHS.

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