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AHI acquisition adds digital health coaching to portfolio




Advanced Human Imaging (AHI) has announced the acquisition of Canadian health tech company, wellteq Digital Health Inc, in a move set to expanding its digital health offering.

Now Advanced Health Intelligence, AHI is the first of its kind ‘capable of offering biometric health screening, health risk stratification, triage into telehealth and e-health programmes from the digital-health-as-a-service platform, using just a smartphone,’ the company said.

AHI Head of Strategy and Founder, Vlado Bosanac, said:

“Our mission is to assist our partners’ consumers to live healthier lives by providing actionable personalised health intelligence, with true accessibility in an affordable manner.

“As we continue to play a role in the digital transformation of healthcare, the acquisition of wellteq is another step in our objective to innovate and empower better care with our proprietary technology and expand our growth into remote health risk assessment.”

Wellteq’s corporate fitness platform operates as digital health coach, designed to improve health outcomes across mental wellbeing, sleep quality, physical activity and nutrition.

AHI acquired South African biomathematical health risk modelling platform Vertica Health in August this year.

Platform expansion

Advanced Human Imaging launched in 2014, with a focus on the fitness and weight loss industry.

The company’s smartphone BodyScan technology was designed to analyse body dimension and composition – providing data to help users improve their health.

Covid-19 saw the company move into the corporate health and care sector.

Its technology now encompasses BodyScan for diabetes and obesity risk identification, FaceScan, for identifying signs of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack and a comprehensive physical, psychological and medical health assessment tool.

Bosanac told Health Tech World:

“If you look around the world, 86 per cent of healthcare in most developed countries is rare chronic disease, primarily caused by bad eating habits, lifestyle and obesity.

“We are looking to be a metabolic risk detector, if you like. We mimic what a doctor would want to get from you in his surgery.

“From that validated accurate data, the doctor can determine the best course of action, whether it be medication, or better nutrition or mental health support.”

Data security

AHI has spent eight years perfecting the algorithm for the BodyScan alone, generating vast quantities of data from 12,000 data points.

The company claims that the technology is 97.5 per cent accurate or better and improving all the time.

But how secure is the data?

Bosanac said:

“The images and scans that are taken are utilised on the device and deleted before the end of the process. They’re not stored anywhere in your phone.”

End-to-end encryption ensures that no videos or images leave the device, Bosanac said

He added:

“All we give you back is the outcomes, the dimensions and a 3D avatar of yourself.”

“One of the few good things to come out of Covid is the fact that people are now used to being tracked.

“That resistance about giving up data about yourself is less of a if choke point to consumers now, because it’s become this new habit.

“Also, people generally want to look after themselves.

“What we’re doing is giving them personalised information.

“It’s up to them share that information accordingly to whoever they feel is appropriate to assist them on their journey.”

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