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PureGym founder backs AI fitness startup as exercise becomes digital 

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There are big gains in AI fitness today as PureGym founder hands over a six-figure investment to a small, digitally-focused  personal training startup in London. 

Another Round, which was set up by former MMA fighter Max Cotton, has moved increasingly into virtual fitness training, is now supported by huge investor Peter Roberts, as part of a move to “disrupt” the way personal training is sold. 

Pumped up for digital fitness

Another Round uses AI as part of its training and to automate tasks. And whilst other AI fitness companies are trying to replace human trainers completely, the company believes that working alongside and with AI is far more beneficial.

Max told Health Tech World: “We believe in the importance of a human relationship between trainer and member, with AI creating a collective intelligence that enables us to scale and facilitate exceptional results for our members.”

Investment gains 

Peter Roberts, Founder and ex-CEO of Pure Gym and investor said: “Another Round is a category creator, moving personal training from a one-to-one service to a hive mind of expertise, coupled with an innovative delivery model. 

“Now is the perfect time for Another Round to disrupt how personal training has traditionally been sold.

“Max’s background and attitude combined with the app’s member advocacy impressed me and I’m excited to be on the journey with them to build and lead the way in a new virtual fitness category.”

Joining Peter Roberts, Jacques de Bruin the ex-COO of Pure Gym and other ex-senior Pure Gym team members have also invested in Another Round, which embraces AI to make personal training both smarter and more affordable.

Roberts is also joining the board to support Another Round’s growth plans.

Max Cotton added: ““We’re here to give everyone access to personalised, highly effective workouts and trainers – transforming their physical health.

“Another Round was created to make health and fitness more accessible than ever before and we’re incredibly excited to have an industry titan like Peter onboard – recognising the shift in how consumers want to buy and experience personal training. 

“The pandemic showed us huge personal gains when we embrace remote services – time is one of the biggest barriers for people to exercise and by bringing a train anywhere, anytime personal training solution to the market, we’re reducing the time it takes to exercise and making it more convenient to invest in your health. 

“We fit plans to a member’s lifestyle, not the other way round. This approach is why our members love us and get great results.”

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