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Wound care boost amid rising bacteria threat

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Biotech firm Colzyx has received backing from the European Innovation Council to advance its groundbreaking wound care product.

The Swedish business has an agreement to receive the first EUR1m of a EUR5.5m support package from the Horizon 2020 / EIC Accelerator programme.

The funding will enable Colzyx to further develop the wound healing innovation WOUNDCOM, including via a clinical study, and in securing the CE marking required for market access in Europe.

Demand for new wound healing innovations is intensifying in terms of fighting infection after surgery, infection of acute and burn wounds, venous chronic leg ulcers and in chronic wounds in patients with diabetes.

WOUNDCOM has the potential to be used in all of these situations, its creators say, as well as in additional areas where there is a pronounced need for better and faster wound healing and a simultaneous effect against bacterial infections.

The emergence and spread of multi-resistant bacteria pose serious threat to human health.

It is predicted that within 20-30 years, more people may die because of infections by multi-resistant bacteria than by cancer.

WOUNDCOM believes it can play an important part in the fight against such infections by both accelerating wound healing and at the same time preventing infections with multi-resistant bacteria.

Its new financial support includes grant finds and investment, which is part of the so called “blended finance” initiative.

The present investment of EUR 1m is the first part, with the second part invested once Colzyx has reached specific development milestones.

Eskil Söderlind, CEO of Colzyx, said: “We are very pleased that we now have concluded the agreement with the EIC Fund. This investment will help Colzyx to accelerate the development of WOUNDCOM, aiming for a CE mark.”

Nicklas Bergman, member of the EIC Fund Investment Committee, said: “The fight against multidrug-resistant bacteria is highly relevant and I am happy to announce the EIC Fund’s investment in Colzyx, helping the company to bring their innovative wound matrix closer to the market.”

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