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Temperature monitoring technology aims to support vaccine supply chain

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New temperature technology from Zebra Technologies will aid the vaccine roll out

Health Tech World spoke to a director from a company developing temperature monitoring technology which aims to support the supply of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Founded in 1969, Zebra Technologies provides industry-tailored, end-to-end technology that connects people, assets and data to help its customers make business-critical decisions. The company operates in the retail/ecommerce, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare sectors.

Ensuring the COVID-19 vaccine is kept in an extra cold climate requires that the temperature is tracked throughout the entire supply chain.

In February 2019, Zebra acquired TempTime, a developer and manufacturer of temperature monitoring products for mission-critical applications in the healthcare industry.

Daniel Dombach, director of industry solutions, said: “Tracking the vaccines is very important from a temperature level. That is why we’re talking to various logistics companies about how you make sure that vaccines don’t fail in the supply chain.

“In the entire journey from the manufacturer, through any kind of transportation, the vaccine will need specialised containers or specialised boxes, and it will need temperature sensors.

“We are offering different kinds of technology through TempTime. One would be data loggers, which would be placed inside the box, and they monitor all of the temperatures all of the time.

“The temperature range can be between -200°C, up to +200°C. So, you end up with an accuracy of +0.3°C degrees Celsius.”

He added: “The other kind of technology is through a vial label, which would indicate if a temperature threshold has been violated.

“The way it functions is through a special kind of ink. Once the temperature threshold is violated, the ink will change. So maybe it is green when it is good, and when it is violated, it will turn red. This is so you can tell if you will have a problem with the vaccine.”

Dombach also spoke about Zebra’s potential growth within the healthcare sector.

“Healthcare is one of our fastest growing market segments. That is something we are really strong in and where we are seeing big growth across Europe and in the United States.

“If you are watching the news in the evening, they always tell you that the hospitals are operating at maximum capacity. So, helping them with technology, making the processes easier and faster, is an absolute must.”

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