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Telemedicine takes step forward with remote blood testing

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The technology could hugely reduce pressure of GP and hospitals

Patients will be able to take their own blood test at home in future thanks to new telemedicine technology.

From a single drop of blood, an AI-controlled remote blood testing system will be able can test for up to 30 different diseases including Leukaemia, Sickle Cell Anaemia and Sepsis.

The results, which are available within 2 days, are then presented back to the home occupant on a screen.

MyGlobalHome has formally announced its partnership with Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA), a Bio and MedTech company incubated by the University of Oxford.

OIA’s AI Medical Assistant product, Algocyte, will be integrated into MyGlobalHome’s digital health ecosystem, to allow patients to complete personal blood tests remotely at will, and access the results from home via a smart monitor.

The technology is a huge step forward in telemedicine and could reduce significant pressure on GPs and doctors’ surgeries.

Users will also be able to track the results of their tests over time, comparing averages to the larger population as well as their own baseline health.

Lee McCormack, chief executive officer at MyGlobalHome said: “The current coronavirus pandemic has accelerated consumer appetite for telemedicine solutions with statistics suggesting that only 20 per cent of future medical appointments will take place in person with the GP.”

“At MyGlobalHome, our vision for the future is that homes will look after their occupants – not the other way round. The integration of Algocyte is a vital step towards realising this vision, and we are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Oxford Immune Algorithmics on this project.”

Hector Zenil, chief executive officer at Oxford Immune Logistics added: “At Oxford Immune Algorithmics, we want to revolutionise healthcare from cost effective to value based healthcare, user centric, cheaper and better outcomes. MyGlobalHome’s cutting-edge solution is set to further strengthen the relationship between healthcare and the home, so our ambitions are perfectly matched.”

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