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Pioneering paediatric pressure ulcer mattress to be showcased at MEDICA 2023



A UK company specialising in the development and manufacture of ‘zero pressure’ technology will be at MEDICA 2023 to showcase its latest innovation – a paediatric pressure ulcer mattress.

Manufactured by Chesterfield-based Rober, Airflex Trio Junior is an innovative, cost effective three cell-cycle alternating pressure air mattress specifically designed for children.

The mattress features advanced solenoid technology to facilitate the rapid redirection of airflow that enables the regular and effective off-loading of interface pressure on vulnerable tissue.

Small diameter cells specifically programmed to paediatric pressure settings provide higher efficacy and greater patient comfort in the paediatric environment.

Advanced engineering has created a dynamic support surface that is therapeutic for paediatric patients weighing from 0-60kg.

Over the last few years, Rober has invested heavily in R&D to develop a complete range of pressure ulcer mattresses that cater for a variety of needs, including patients that are immobile, bariatric or have existing pressure injuries.

Developed in conjunction with clinicians, the mattresses feature clinically proven technology that prevents pressure injuries from developing.

They also have therapeutic properties that promote the healing of established ulcers.

The mattresses are fully automatic, and patients nursed upon them require less frequent manual repositioning, therefore relieving the pressure on busy nursing staff.

They can be used in everyday nursing environments, as well as acute care facilities.

Mike Hutson, Chief Executive of Rober, said: “The three cell-cycle, with cell-in-cell technology, provides superior comfort for paediatric use.

“The stepdown mode provides added comfort for small/light weight patients.

“The Airflex TRIO junior allows for the regular and effective relief of interface pressure beneath the bony prominences.

“At all times the individual is supported by 50 per cent more cells than found in traditional 2:1 cellcycle alternating mattresses.

“This provides a material improvement in comfort and care to children of all ages.”

AirFlex TRIO Junior is part of the new innovative range of mattress solutions designed to fulfil the paediatric requirements of affordable healthcare.

Pressure ulcers are a rising problem around the world.

In the UK alone, they affect over 700,000 people a year and add an additional £4,000 per ulcer onto each person’s care bill.

They are also linked to prolonged hospitalisation, pain, social isolation and, in worst cases, death.

MEDICA is taking place from November 13-16 and throughout the show, Rober will be located in the UK Pavilion hall 16 H15 -2.

For more information, visit: www.roberlimited.com.

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