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Ceribell brings power of AI to seizure management



ClarityPro can continuously monitor patients’ brain activity for suspected seizures and can diagnose and alert for ESE. Photo: Ceribell

A new AI-based algorithm provides clinicians with the ability to quickly and accurately detect, diagnose, and monitor electrographic status epilepticus in critically ill patients.

Developed by health technology company, Ceribell, ClarityPro™, is an AI-based software algorithm within the Ceribell EEG system that analyses EEG waveforms to diagnose electrographic status epilepticus.

Status epilepticus (SE) is a life-threatening condition of prolonged seizure activity that affects up to approximately 200,000 or more Americans each year. 

It can manifest in physical symptoms such as convulsions, or sub-clinically, with electrographic patterns on an EEG as the only diagnostic clue. 

While SE has a mortality rate of over 20 per cent for adults, outcomes for patients are strongly tied to how quickly the condition is recognized and controlled, with mortality rates increasing 13 per cent with every hour that seizures go untreated.

ClarityPro can continuously monitor patients’ brain activity for suspected seizures and can diagnose and alert for ESE, giving clinicians at the bedside and remotely the vital, real-time data needed to rapidly identify and treat seizures and to evaluate the efficacy of seizure medication. 

With automated cues highlighting significant areas of concern within the EEG, ClarityPro provides insights to aid neurologists during EEG review, facilitating a quick response when escalation of care is needed. 

The Ceribell system also enables hospitals with ClarityPro to more easily expand brain monitoring capabilities to acute care departments at a fraction of the cost of conventional EEG, while also helping to reduce use of unnecessary medication, intubations and patient transfers, and shortening ICU length of stay.

It is the first acute care device to be FDA indicated for stand-alone diagnosis. 

It is also the first critical care monitoring device to secure both FDA Breakthrough Designation and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) New Technology Add-on Payment (NTAP) reimbursement, based on the substantial clinical benefit over existing devices for suspected seizure patients.

Jane Chao, PhD,Ceribell’s Co-founder and CEO, commented: “Every minute counts when it comes to treating status epilepticus. Ceribell is dedicated to expanding access to neurodiagnostics, which is essential to improving patient care and outcomes.

“ClarityPro harnesses the power of AI to bring acute seizure management to a new level, helping clinicians make precise treatment decisions while also helping hospitals extend care to more patients.


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