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Newly appointed CEO of digital rehab platform eyes growth

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The new CEO of an NHS-approved digital rehab platform has spoken to Health Tech World about her plans for growth.

Developed by chartered physiotherapists Carron and Lewis Manning, EXi is an app designed to encourage the prescription of evidence-based personalised exercise for managing or preventing up to 23 chronic conditions, helping address sedentary lifestyles and reduced mobility.

The programme allows clinical teams to remotely monitor their patients, while tracking their health and activity data in real time. EXi can then export the exercise and health data and generate a progress report.

The start-up has appointed Grace McNamara with the aim of spearheading the platform’s expansion within the healthcare sector and target new partners to accelerate the delivery of exercise prescription.

Prior to joining EXi, McNamara led Apple’s Health and Fitness Strategic Initiatives in EMEIA and headed up all areas of employee health. She also managed Apple’s business partnerships within preventative care and chronic condition management, including its collaboration with EXi.

She said: “There is room for improvement to make life easier for clinicians in order to deploy and prescribe what they think is best practice to help patients understand what they should be doing.

“2020 has fast-tracked the healthcare industry working with technology because it has been forced to, but many technicians and clinicians have appreciated that it can add value and that it has a place. There is more opportunity to leverage technology, with the right evidence and right support.

“I am excited to be able to lean in with a fantastic solution that is completely evidence-based, and that is built by clinicians for clinicians.

“It is targeting the people that are sedentary and people who find it hard to get motivated. It fits into the people that need the most support because they have complex conditions or are at risk of complex conditions. Technology has to play a part in personalising care for each individual to get access to what is available to them.”

McNamara has also been tasked with leading efforts to secure additional funding streams from investors to help grow company.

“We are looking to raise about £1.5m right now. We have an opportunity with this fantastic technology for scale. One of the joys of technology is that we can reach millions of people without adding millions of spend on the back end.

“We are talking a lot to clinicians from different disciplines to get their input and requirements to make sure it represents what they need, as well as what users will find easy to use.”

McNamara added: “We do see this being across every country. Conditions are conditions, science is science and people are people, so there is not too much tweaking to be done for global reach.

“Activity is the underprescribed solution of today, and hopefully tomorrow it will be the prescribed solution that everybody has access to.”

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