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App to support consumers in “taking charge” of their own health

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A healthcare software company is moving towards its £120,000 crowdfunding target. The firm’s founding director spoke to Health Tech World about the development of its new platform designed to support consumers in “taking charge” of their own health.

London-based HealthBox Software is a technology company building products for the post-COVID healthcare landscape, with its first product ClearPass being a back-to-work tool for businesses.

The company is now preparing to launch MyHealthBox, a new consumer-facing digital health app which will allow users to securely store their medical records.

It is intended to have a range of features, including AI health assessment services, dietary advice and data-powered lifestyle guidance, designed to provide users with peace of mind when it comes to their healthcare. The platform will also integrate with other vendors such as Apple Health and Allscripts, as well as wearables such as Garmin and FitBit.

Users can take a picture using their phone to automatically upload records, doctors’ notes, X-Ray, CT and MRI scans, as well as handwritten prescriptions. Additionally, users will be able to upload historical medical files from their mobile phone. These records can then be accessed 24/7 anytime, anywhere and for whatever reason.

Founding director Andy Cousins said: “Healthbox Software was formed in February this year to develop a health platform to help people contain all of their medical information. COVID struck, which was horrendous, so we turned our aim into providing a work tool to try and get people back into the office in a safe and secure way.

“After we got that platform established, we turned our attention back onto MyHealthBox. It is about taking charge of your own medical health information and wellbeing.

“We are looking at turning the emphasis on medical health onto the consumer, the person themselves, so they can start carrying around their medical records, building it in a collaborative way with their health, wellbeing and diet.

“We believe that it is one of the only apps in the world that does this from a consumer-facing point of view.”

HealthBox has currently raised £101,462 from 32 investors on Seedrs. The funding will be used for final stage testing and development, as well as money to support the product’s marketing drive.

Cousins added: “We are looking at it as a global app. We hope it will be successful at launch; we will then be launching in the US and then country by country after that.

“All of the money that will raised for the foreseeable will be used for continued development, so we are looking for fast growth across the globe.

MyHealthBox is targeted to launch in the UK in January 2021.

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