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New smart thermometer to unlock “hidden science”

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A new smart thermometer is promising more accurate measurements, with its creator saying it will unlock the “hidden science” behind early insight into illness and disease.

Celsium is a medical grade wearable smart thermometer that links to an online platform, taking automatic readings every four seconds and instantly alerting the user when temperature rises.

It measures true body temperature (core body temperature), not just skin temperature, which is impacted by surroundings and can be a misleading measurement. The company believes the thermometer will provide up to 10x more accurate measurements.

The device utilises a small sensor attached under the armpit which links to an app via Bluetooth for accurate temperature monitoring.

Andy Mahoney, founder and CEO of Celsium, set out to develop an accurate and easier to use device after encountering issues with current products when trying to conceive his first child.

He said: “Growing up in a medically minded household and having worked in healthcare for many years, when my wife and I couldn’t find an accurate thermometer despite buying numerous devices, I took up the challenge to develop one myself.

“When I scratched the surface, I was amazed to find that measuring temperature is still largely based on the first thermometer, invented over 300 years ago. To say the temperature monitoring was due for re-invention is somewhat of an understatement, especially when you consider how important body temperature is as an indicatory of our health.

“Celsium is on a mission is to change the way the world utilises temperature. We want to make it easier for people to understand their temperature, raising the bar for temperature as a diagnostic tool and explore new areas of temperature science not previously researched.

“The potential for temperature to provide early insight to illness and disease is huge. Until now we haven’t had the technology to investigate this. Celsium will unlock this hidden science.”

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