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Holoxica reaches first stage of development for 3D holographic system

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Tech firm Holoxica is making progress in developing the world’s first glasses-free 3D holographic system for healthcare professionals.

The Edinburgh-based company’s ‘Holo-medicine’ is designed to benefit patients by enhancing remote consultations, helping people understand their conditions and surgical procedures more clearly, as well as reducing the strain on the wider healthcare system.

It could enable patients to be in the room with their doctor remotely, without the need for expensive headsets or artificial environments.

Clinicians can review ailments in 3D and make accurate medical diagnoses quickly, while surgeons can also share pre-operative scans and anatomical visuals in 3D.

Director Wendy Lamin said: “Coronavirus meant remote consultations became a necessity, but the future of healthcare does not need to rely on flat and impersonal video calls.

“3D telemedicine will give patients a real face-to-face experience, from their home, care facility or local clinic. The broader Holo-medicine suite will give them more clarity and understanding.

“Holoxica’s technology has been designed to improve patient satisfaction and already has the support of NHS frontline staff as they seek post-covid tools to help them continue to deliver expert healthcare.”

The Holo-medicine suite will combine  components such as a depth camera and Looking Glass light field 3D display, and Holoxica’s proprietary software. This includes 3D Telepresence, a ‘Holoviewer’ to view anatomy models in 3D and Volumeviewer to view medical scans in 3D.

The funding to create the technology was provided through the Government’s modern industrial strategy by Innovate UK.

The company is now looking for investments to develop the next stages of the Holo-medicine suite and bring all the components together in one app.

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