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Mindfulness app launches ‘Dry(ish) January’ initiative




A US app company has launched a new initiative encouraging users to moderate their drinking in 2023.

Sunnyside’s ‘Dry(ish) January Challenge’ offers a flexible alternative to the abstinence approach traditionally practised during the first month of the year.

The company believes that moderation will be a better fit for millions of Americans.

Sunnyside founder, Nick Allen, said:

“30 million U.S. adults will participate in challenges to reset their relationship to alcohol in January.

“But there’s a risk that the unrealistic expectations of these challenges will leave people feeling disappointed in themselves and possibly on a path to give up, or succeed but end up drinking more in February.

“Our new Dry(ish) January empowers people to choose a challenge that fits their goals, then enter February with a more sustainable plan in place.”

A recent survey by the company found that 85 per cent of its members were likely to start 2023 off with some sort of challenge around alcohol, but 73 per cent wanted an option other than complete sobriety.

Many of the respondents expressed interest in a challenge focused on improving overall health and building better drinking habits rather than abstaining from alcohol altogether.

How it works

After downloading the app, users select the challenge that best suits their goal, such as full abstinence for the month or drinking at weekends only.

This is followed by a private three-minute assessment that asks questions around regular drinking consumption and patterns.

The assessment helps the system establish a baseline and make personalised recommendations to help the individual gradually drink less over time in order to make a lasting impact.

Allen said:

“Although our members love using text-message to track their drinks, engage with coaching, and build healthier habits, we’ve known that an app would significantly improve the entire Sunnyside experience.

“We’re incredibly excited and motivated by how many more people we can bring mindful drinking to with our new iOS app.”

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