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Independent test proves superiority of novel HyperDRYMist automated room disinfection technology against antibiotic-resistant S. aureus



An Independent Comparison test has demonstrated the superiority of the novel HyperDRYMist disinfectant technology against the antibiotic-resistant bacterium Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), a major pathogen that is notoriously tough to eliminate.

The test was carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of the patented, non-toxic 99S formulation compared with other solutions whose efficacy is purely based on hydrogen peroxide at medium or low concentration levels.

The 99S Disinfectant Solution contains a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide (6.6 per cent) and other carefully selected co-formulants which boost its overall stability and biocidal activity.

The unique technology combines rapid, high-level disinfection with low amounts of disinfectant solution, making it an efficient and effective solution for large-scale disinfection needs.

The independent test was performed by accredited laboratory Complife Italia following the EN 13697 standard method.

Five hydrogen peroxide-based alternatives were pitted against the solution, and the 99S disinfectant solution was shown to be the most effective against S. aureus.

S. aureus is considered the most challenging microorganism for disinfectants based on hydrogen peroxide due to its complex antioxidant defence mechanism that includes catalase, an important enzyme for bacteria that protects them from hydrogen peroxide.

All the five samples provided were tested simultaneously under the same conditions: undiluted product, five minutes contact time, and clean condition (0,3 g/l BSA). A > 5 Log reduction on the target microorganism was required to pass the test.

During the test, the 99S formulation demonstrated its effectiveness by achieving a 99.999 per cent log reduction (6 log reduction) on S. aureus, while the other products only achieved <2 Log reduction (99.9 per cent), indicating its superior efficacy.

Commercial Manager for HyperDRYMist®, Kerem Ilhan said:

“These test conclusions confirm the superiority of the 99S formulation against the most well-known catalase producing pathogen S. aureus, in comparison with all the other hydrogen peroxide tested solutions.

“It shows that our solution is highly effective at low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, validated by the fact that it has been classified only as an irritant, non-toxic, without even the need to seal a room during the disinfection process.

“Thanks to its unique formula which provides high level disinfection at low levels of hydrogen peroxide, safely and efficiently, the solution is particularly valuable to healthcare facilities, research laboratories, and other high-risk environments that require a reliable and effective method for disinfection.”

Developed by Swiss-based company 99Technologies, HyperDRYMist is trusted by healthcare facilities across the globe that seek an automated disinfection solution proven to be clinically effective in the prevention and reduction of hospital acquired infections (HCAIs).

To date more than 20 studies, articles and poster presentations have been published to prove the effectiveness of HyperDRYMist.

The HyperDRYMist 99S disinfectant solution has been clinically proven to be effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including catalase producing pathogens, which are more resistant to hydrogen peroxide.

It delivers high-level disinfection in as little as 45 minutes without the need to seal a room.

The latest test highlights the potential of the novel technology to provide a solution to the limitations of current hydrogen peroxide Automated Room Decontamination systems.

HyperDRYMist is part of PDI International’s portfolio of clinically proven solutions that reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs), their associated costs and helps save lives.

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