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Hyaluronic acid shows strong results in achillles tendon injuries



New data presented at the Isokinetic Football Medicine Conference in London reveals significant improvement in professional athletes with Achilles tendon injury using a treatment of bio-inductive and multi-fractioned hyaluronic acid (HA) injections.

Isokinetic Medical Group specialises in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

It is recognised as a FIFA Medical  Centre of Excellence and is a reference point in international orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation sectors.

The power of innovation is found in the strategic positioning of its “Education and Research Department” at the heart of the Isokinetic system.

The discovery gives hope to sufferers of this painful and debilitating injury.

Clinical results indicate that treatment of tendinopathies with bio-inductive and muti-fractioned HAA promotes and biologically induces the natural self-repair mechanism of the tendon, ensuring a rapid reduction of pain and a rapid recovery of normal function and physiological structure of the tendon and consequently a pain-free ability to move, maintaining these benefits over time.

Dr Matthew Stride, Isokinetic Sports Doctor and former Club Doctor, Brentford FC, said: “This is a very significant study and is a really good example of how the management of tendinopathy in elite athletes can be implemented to help the wider population.

“Associated pain and stiffness associated with this tendinopathy can cause resulting loss of function, ability to exercise and perform and simply just enjoyment.

“Therefore, by reducing this pain will allow a great efficacy of physical treatment, appropriate loading and quicker transition back into exercise again without any invasive procedures.

“This is a very exciting development and one I look forward to working with many patients on.”

A total of 60 patients (39 male and 21 female) with an average age of 32 years, and all professional athletes in football, volleyball, tennis and boxing took part.

All patients trained for 30 hours per week plus competition. Injections were guided by ultrasound. The molecular weights of the hyaluronic acid used are 2-100-200-500 kDalton and 1MLN Dalton.

Figure 1. Pain scores in comparative treatment in professional athletes with bio-inductive and multi-fractioned HA (T0) shows improved rapid reduction of pain and rapid recovery of normal function

New data from a separate study on the load borne on the Achilles Tendon (AT) during exercise was also presented at the Isokinetic conference.

The Achilles tendon can be exposed to considerable stress during athletic activities and is often subject to pathologies such as tendinopathies. When designing a prevention or rehabilitation protocol, mechanical loading is a key factor to consider.

This implies being able to accurately determine the load applied to the AT when performing exercises.

The objective of the study was to investigate load borne by the AT during activities (walking and running) and strengthening exercises that solicit the AT.

The load borne on the AT ranged from 2.7 to 3.95 BW when walking compared with 4.15 to 7.71 BW when running.

The data showed that strengthening exercises specifically designed for the Achilles Tendon can mitigate and lower the load borne during exercise.

Figure 2. Progression of exercises and activities according to the load borne by the Achilles tendon

Isokinetic believes that exercise is medicine, treating the whole person in a unique environment to optimise healing and positive change.

Trusted by FIFA as a global Centre of Excellence, Isokinetic are organisers of the world’s most renowned Football Medicine Conference.

Isokinetic London has been at the heart of London’s Harley Street area for a decade but stems from a network of other 7 clinics in Italy.

Together they have accumulated over 35 years of experience in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports and orthopaedics injuries.

The unique pathway is meticulously tailored to patient recovery.

From welcome reception, appointment making, and treatment, everything is geared to the individual patient whether we are treating an elite athlete preparing for competition or a person experiencing a degenerative condition like osteoarthritis.


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