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This week in health tech: December 5, 2021

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In today’s Health Tech World weekly roundup, we bring you research updates, investment news and interviews from around the world.

This week, a UK diagnostic firm has confirmed that its mini lab can identify the new Omicron variant, a university hosted the world’s first 5G to 5G holographic 3D video chat. And an eating disorder charity has warned that a government health app ‘has the potential to be incredibly damaging’ to people with eating disorders.

Diagnostic firm says ‘mini lab’ can test for new Omicron Covid variant

Diagnostic firm QuantuMDx says its ‘mini laboratory’, which carries out rapid Covid testing, is able to detect all known variants of COVID-19, including the new Omicron variant. Read more.

Radiobotics develops algorithms to improve bone fracture X-ray studies

Radiobotics has extended its partnership with US teleradiology practice Virtual Radiologic (vRad), to develop a full suite of software algorithms to enhance the speed and accuracy of bone fracture X-ray studies. Read more.

UK government’s health app could be ‘incredibly damaging’ to people with eating disorders

Eating disorder charity Beat warns that the UK government’s incentive-based health app ‘has the potential to be incredibly damaging’ to people with eating disorders. Read more.

Campaigners welcome initiative to improve diversity in tech sector

The Mayor of London has launched an initiative to help tackle the underrepresentation of young Black men in London’s technology sector. Read more.

WellTech scaleup Frog Systems raises £846K in new funding round

Mental health and wellbeing technology company Frog Systems has participated in a new funding round that has raised more than three-quarters of a million pounds. Read more.

Interview: Evaluating the population’s health while it sleeps

Sleep quality can have a big impact on our overall health and wellbeing. But how do we know if the sleep we’re getting is good enough? Read more.

World’s first 5G to 5G holographic 3D video chat

Crichton Central in Dumfries, Scotland, hosted the world’s first 5G to 5G holographic 3D video chat demo and gatecrashed a meeting between Gwilym Gibbons from The Crichton Trust and Graeme Harrold from Nokia. Read more.

Why a change in respiratory protection practice is vital for healthcare

Dr Andy Davies, commercial director at Mackwell Health, explains why healthcare professionals need widespread access to the highest grade respiratory protective equipment (RPE). Read more.

Tool to assess threat of new Omicron variant

Imperial College London’s COVID-19 Response Team has developed a new tool to assess the threat of new variants, including the new Omicron variant, in real-time. Read more.

UK healthtech firm raises £1.6m to launch femtech product

Launched in 2016, Forth offers personalised biomarker tracking. Starting with a small sample of blood, it provides data about the body’s biochemistry. Read more.

Sleep apnoea remote testing device receives FDA clearance

AcuPebble SA100, a small wearable device that enables automated, remote home testing to detect obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in adults, has obtained FDA 510(k) clearance as a Class II medical device in the USA. Read more.

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