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HC21 showcases cutting-edge support services at Arab Health



Healthcare 21 Group (HC21) will be at Arab Health 2024 to showcase its specialist support services designed to help international MedTech manufacturers navigate the UK market with confidence.

Offering sales, marketing and technical services solutions, the independent medical device distributor will be at the exhibition to present a comprehensive range of cutting-edge services to help manufacturers enhance sales performance, market penetration and overall profitability in the UK.

HC21 offers a range of services, including sales and marketing strategies, training solutions and state-of-the-art distribution and logistics support.

Partnering with nearly 100 of the world’s leading healthcare companies, HC21 brings together specialist sales teams with significant market knowledge and expertise across key clinical areas such as surgery, endoscopy, critical care, cardiology and orthopaedics.

Among their key offerings is the HC21 Academy, a centre of excellence that promotes best practices, delivers industry-leading training, and showcases the latest innovations in cutting-edge technology.

As HC21 expands its presence in exciting new therapeutic areas, the company is committed to showcasing their expertise in equipping manufacturers with the regulatory and technical know-how to strengthen their go-to-market strategy and successfully navigate the UK’s complex healthcare landscape.

Nathan Pettitt, CEO, said: “There are key advantages to using a distributor model in the UK healthcare market.

“Market access, local expertise, and the removal of regulatory burdens for manufacturers and OEMs is significant.

“By partnering with the right distributor, OEMs can focus their energy on R&D and allow our specialised sales, marketing, and service teams to reach a wider range of audiences across the UK and Irish markets.

“We are fortunate to partner with top global Medtech players such as Medtronic, Fujifilm, and 3M on selected niches across the UK and Irish markets and consistently deliver growth year on year.

“We are delighted to showcase to manufacturers the opportunities, benefits and added value of a partnership with Healthcare 21.”

HC21 is one of Europe’s largest medical device distributors.

As part of the 2024 expansion programme, the company is actively seeking to connect with MedTech manufacturers in search of a new distribution partner for the UK and Irish markets.

HC21 has unique access to a network of similar entrepreneurial distribution businesses across Europe, as part of the AddLife Group.

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