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LNWH team wins international award for game changing work in cardiology




Over 300 doctors and nurses gathered in Amsterdam on October 12 for a conference organised by health tech scale-up Luscii.

The company, whose app has already launched in 11 countries, develops smart software for hospitals to support patients remotely.

During the evening, one healthcare provider after another from renowned hospitals, such as ErasmusMC and London’s Imperial College, explained how they use digital care to prevent unnecessary hospital visits and admissions while simultaneously improving the quality of care.

Luscinia Award for LNWH

The Luscinia Award is a recognition for the indispensable role nurses are playing in transforming healthcare for patients.

Emil Elias, Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Cardiology, received the award at the Luscii Medical Developer Conference for his pioneering work in the cardiology department.

Emil Elias said:

“I am incredibly humbled and honoured.

“This award is dedicated to all our heart failure patients and our amazing team who work tirelessly to provide excellent care to the patients.

“This is the recognition of our team effort.”

International medical community

This is the second time the Luscii Medical Developer Conference (LMDC) has taken place.

While last year’s event welcomed around 100 healthcare professionals, this time over 300 attended from a variety of countries.

This illustrates the rapid growth in the deployment of digital healthcare and the importance of a medical community for sharing experiences.

Today, the Remote Patient Monitoring and Virtual Ward app is used daily by many thousands of patients.

They keep track of their vital signs, receive self-care support and can make use of a timeline in the app detailing all the steps in their care process, which enables them to prepare accordingly.

Studies have shown that patients get more control over their care while avoiding unnecessary hospital visits.

Within LNWH, the app allowing heart failure patients to self-monitor their condition at home is a game changer welcomed by patients and hard-pressed clinical staff.

The app allows patients to monitor their blood pressure, heart rate and weight and send them to cardiac nurses who can provide advice and support, such as upping their medication.

Multiple clinical pathways

Programmes are available in the Luscii Library for more than 70 conditions and clinical pathways.

It all started with COPD and heart failure patients. Taking measurements at home with the app meant that these patients visited the hospital less frequently.

However, the breakthrough came during Corona when it became clear that using the app as a virtual ward created extra healthcare capacity.

By fusing the technical capabilities of the Amsterdam company with the medical knowledge of care providers, digital care programmes for more than 70 conditions have already been developed.

Luscii founder and professor Daan Dohmen said:

“We offer healthcare providers smart technology, a kind of digital Lego box. And the doctors and nurses use their expertise to tailor digital care programmes for various conditions.”

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