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Cognetivity expands into North American healthcare market



A pioneer in AI-led cognitive assessment has taken its first step into the US and Canadian healthcare markets, alongside the burgeoning new area of ketamine-enhanced medical care. 

Cognetivity Neurosciences has partnered with KetamineOne Capital Ltd for its Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA) to be deployed in Ketamine One’s clinics across North America.

The companies have also agreed to collaborate on mental health assessments and plan on conducting clinical trials within the Ketamine One clinic network.

Ketamine One is a next-generation health and wellness company focused on transforming the treatment of mental health through the provision of ketamine-assisted therapy and psychedelic medicines. 

Based in Canada and operating clinics throughout North America, the firm has 16 clinics in operation, along with several more in development, and is dedicated to building the critical infrastructure needed to provide breakthrough and life-changing treatments for conditions such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic pain and addiction.

The move into the US and Canadian market marks the latest major breakthrough for Cognetivity, whose ICA has broken new ground in the detection of pre-dementia symptoms and is in increasing use across the UK. 

According to the WHO, mental health disorders account for 28 per cent of the global burden of disability-adjusted life years among non-communicable diseases – more than cardiovascular disease or cancer. 

Cognetivity‘s ICA will be deployed in Ketamine One’s clinics to enable the long-term monitoring of cognitive performance in patients with treatment-resistant depression and PTSD. 

Dr Sina Habibi, CEO of Cognetivity

Assessing individuals’ cognition over the course of their treatment will enable the measurement of treatment efficacy, while empowering patients to take charge of their wellbeing and providing clinicians with additional data to refine treatment and improve outcomes.

The ICA is a computerised assessment that takes five minutes and exhibits no learning effect upon repeat testing, making it suited to long-term monitoring. It is also highly sensitive to small changes in cognitive performance and, owing to its computerised nature, is capable of supporting remote, self-administered testing.

“The ICA is a fantastic piece of cutting-edge technology and we are excited to have it in our clinics as well as collaborate on further developments in mental health,” said Adam Deffett, Interim CEO of Ketamine One. 

“This powerful tool will enable us to further demonstrate the power of our therapies and study patient development with an unwavering commitment to improve outcomes by putting more insightful data into the hands of our patients and clinicians. 

“We are passionate about innovating in the pursuit of better mental health for our patients, and the ICA’s unique, AI-powered approach to measuring cognition matches our ethos perfectly.”

Dr Sina Habibi, CEO of Cognetivity, said: “We’re very excited about this deployment, which will see the ICA used in clinical care in North America for the very first time. This is a key step in our plans for commercial rollout across the US and Canadian healthcare markets and indeed throughout the world.

“It is also fantastic to see the ICA making its mark in another area of medicine beyond its core use case of enhancing dementia detection and diagnosis.

“Our product’s ability to transition so effortlessly into this new and fast-growing space demonstrates the strength of its fundamental capabilities and the profound global need for accurate, efficient and unbiased cognitive testing in many new and emerging areas of research, detection and long term patient monitoring.”

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