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Calm deal causes Ripple effect in the boardroom

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This month’s acquisition of health tech firm Ripple by relaxation app Calm has seen Ripple’s CEO David Ko appointed Calm’s co-CEO.

Ko will share the CEO berth with Michael Acton Smith, co-founder of Calm.

Ripple is focused on finding “the most impactful ways to bring physical, mental, and social help to every person”.

It recently introduced its first two products Care Memo and LikePaper.

They are aimed at identifying and closing gaps in care while reducing the burden of caregiving.

They “offer caregivers peace of mind through simple and innovative technology solutions” that help them check on, monitor and manage a loved one’s health.

Calm and Ripple will focus on expanding their mental health offers, Tech Times reports, bringing more services and assistance for people who use it.

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