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Atropos Health partners with Syntegra to expand access to data-driven clinical care



The synthetic data generation company Syntegra and the physician consultation service Atropos Health have announced a partnership to broaden access to data-driven clinical care.

The collaboration is hoped to enable users of Atropos Health’s Green Button clinical informatics consult service to use Syntegra’s synthetic data, in addition to its existing real-world datasets.

Synthetic data is annotated information that computer simulations or algorithms generate as an alternative to real-world data.

Atropos’ Green Button clinical informatics consult service aims to solve the “evidence gap” by helping researchers and physicians at the point of care answer previously unanswerable clinical questions using real-world data, empowering more robust research and personalised care for diverse groups of patients.

The service allows physicians to submit questions in their normal workflow and receive answers in the form of methodologically-transparent real-world evidence (RWE), generated from anonymised past patient encounters.

Researchers can also benefit from this on-demand evidence to accelerate research efforts and drive publications and guideline development.

The partnership is expected to “unlock” answers regarding a range of clinical issues by expanding the queryable data to include Syntegra’s synthetic datasets which use a machine learning approach that learns the underlying trends in the data.

This, Syntegra says, can significantly expand the use and value of real-world data by removing privacy-related barriers and augmenting data to fill in coverage gaps for often underrepresented populations.

In turn, this would allow for the use of more representative and realistic datasets to support Atropos’ research.

“The range of Real World Data to inform patient care is exploding, and we think synthetic data has a critical role to play in the evidence ecosystem,” said Atropos Health CEO, Brigham Hyde.

“Our engagement with Syntegra will also offer the clinical research community the ability to empirically evaluate the appropriateness of synthetic data vs other deidentified patient data for critical research and point of care questions, ultimately generating greater evidence and insight for personalised patient care.”

The initial phase of the partnership will focus on demonstrating the clinical value of the Syntegra’s data with Atropos’ technology to broaden the use of synthetic data.

Syntegra says it will provide synthetic patient records to fuel the range of questions Atropos can answer, enabling more widespread deployments with their customers.

Michael D. Lesh, SM MD FACC, Syntegra founder and CEO, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with Atropos Health to expand the use of personalised and data-driven medicine.

“Atropos is addressing a major gap in clinical care decision-making that should have a tremendous impact on providers and the patients they treat.”

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