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Appliance of science to target spinal pain and injuries



IDD Therapy helps patients when manual therapy alone is insufficient

A new tool to target and mobilise a spine injury could help therapists treat patients with persistent pain.

Traditionally physiotherapists have used a combination of mechanical and manual techniques to ease back pain. A new non-surgical decompression treatment can now be used to target intervertebral discs

‘Intervertebral Differential Dynamics’ or IDD Therapy helps patients when manual therapy alone is insufficient to achieve lasting pain relief.

It applies computer-science and physics to the human anatomy to give therapists an instrument to decompress and activate a targeted spinal segment and treat pain.

It’s delivered by technology in the Accu SPINA machines. A patient lies on the machine and is connected to it with two harnesses on the chest and pelvis. Then, computer-controlled decompression or pulling forces are applied at precisely measured angles to gently open the space between the vertebrae and take pressure off the affected disc.

The combination of higher decompression forces and the ability to target treatment to the affected spinal segment helps physiotherapists treat bulging or herniated discs.

It can gently mobilise an injured joint through a series rhythmic stretches during the treatment. It allows therapists to work on the stiffness in the joint and progressively improve mobility.

The treatment works alongside manual therapy and exercise.

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1 Comment

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