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All4Health&Care new name for Tech4CV19 to reflect updated focus 

New identity and logo unveiled to promote online community’s new presence on FutureNHS collaboration platform.




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All4Health&Care is the new name for Tech4CV19, an online community launched at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide a platform for innovative digital health suppliers to collaborate with the public sector.

Its new identity, supported by a new logo, reflects the voluntary community’s focus developing as the health tech challenges and priorities that emerged during the pandemic have evolved since last year.

The group was launched by healthcare chief information officers as a channel for innovative digital health suppliers who were offering support for managing the pandemic, to make contact with organisations requiring such help.

Recently the community has developed its profile on the FutureNHS collaboration platform, rather than growing its own self-standing online presence, as the most effective means of helping link the private and public health tech sector to benefit health and social care in the future.

FutureNHS is an online platform designed to empower people to co-develop, share, connect, and work together. It supports users to access and exchange knowledge and information on transformation, across health and social care.

James Norman, chair of the now newly-named All4Health&Care, said: “The digital health community responded magnificently to the pandemic in the UK and digital leaders found themselves struggling to process the support on offer.

“Tech4CV19 evolved to address this problem by putting innovative suppliers in touch with organisations in need of their help. It also identified that there was a need to put smaller suppliers in touch with sources of funding and support, so they could scale quickly and safely.

“More than a year on, those original emerging requirements and challenges have evolved and the focus is no longer on addressing COVID-19 specifically, but a wider future remit across health and social care.

“As a result, our name and logo need to change to reflect that we are now working in a different landscape from the one which drove our inception, and that we are now building our profile on the FutureNHS collaboration platform.”

The All4Health&Care community seeks to put digital leaders in touch with technology innovators, and to make sure that new entrants, start-ups, and scale-ups can access the funding, mentoring and expertise they need to make the most of new demand and opportunities.

Through its FutureNHS workspace, All4Health&Care will promote offers of support and requests for collaboration and assist forthcoming events such as monthly “Tech Leaders” webinars highlighting thought leadership from chief information officers and chief clinical information officers.

It will also provide a platform for monthly “incubator” forums where health tech innovators will showcase their ideas, seek feedback on developing them and network with others in the digital health sector.

This builds on the community’s work in the past year, building a membership base of 1,000 volunteers and running a series of successful webinars. These covered topics such as how SME tech innovators could get profile in the NHS; how to better develop British healthcare technology and examining key components of future clinical pathways to address developmental trauma in children.

Elaine Bousfield, a community member, counsellor and mental health entrepreneur, said: “The reset after the pandemic is going to be a long process, and one that will require new, digital innovations. That will create a massive opportunity for health and care technology, as long as health and care organisations and suppliers can seize it. Through collaboration, the All4Health&Care community will do its best to make sure that they can.”

At the inception of All4Health&Care’s forerunner, Highland Marketing was appointed as communications partner. Since last year, it has provided sector, branding, and communications advice, and supported awareness raising efforts for the webinar series. Chief executive Mark Venables said: “As a dedicated health tech agency with extensive contacts in our sector, we have been supporting Tech4CV19 and now All4Health&Care.

“Our aim is to find ‘health tech to shout about’ and to make sure that digital can make its voice heard in the health and care sector, aligning perfectly with the aims of the collaborative community.”

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