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Air purifier developed to tackle COVID-19

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The managing directors of German solar company Frenell have developed a new air purifier designed to tackle viruses like COVID-19.

Developed by Dr Max Mertins and Martin Selig, youvee uses the principle of UVC disinfection, which is traditionally applied in operating theatres, intensive care rooms and in the food industry. The company has said that the UVC radiation in the air purifier effectively eliminates 99.9% of viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen in the room air.

According to Frenell, the device breaks down the DNA/RNA of viruses within fractions of a second, rendering them harmless.

Mertins said: “The innovation of youvee is applied in the intelligent functional design, which combines sophisticated air circulation with efficient UVC disinfection.

“In addition to the elimination of the viruses, the movement of the exhaled air in the transverse direction from person to person is significantly reduced.”

Selig added: “At its maximum output, more than 800 cubic meters of room air per hour are disinfected. youvee offers measurable protection against Covid-19 infections, especially in offices, restaurants, hotels, classrooms but also in medical practices, pharmacies and waiting rooms of all kinds.

“With the powerful youvee air disinfection, people can effectively be protected in addition to the applicable hygiene regulations.”

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