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New collaboration to enhance research and development using AI



InvoX Pharma and Insilico Medicine have entered a new strategic collaboration to combine Insilico’s AI and computational services with invoX’s drug discovery and data science capabilities.

The aim of the collaboration is to enhance research and development activities for invoX by identifying potential novel indications for pipeline assets in oncology.

The collaboration will utilise Insilico’s target discovery engine, PandaOmics®, in conjunction with invoX’s own drug research and development expertise, to identify new potential indications of interest for existing assets in invoX’s pipeline. These potential indications will then undergo further investigation.

Insilico’s PandaOmics® is an AI-driven biology platform that applies more than 20 predictive models and generative biology models to identify therapeutic targets and biomarkers associated with a given disease.

The system draws from millions of data points to identify the most promising indications and potential drug combinations. It further refines its selection by analysng attention metrics, discovery trends, relevant data from Key Opinion Leaders and chemistry databases.

Apart from target ranking, analysis, and filters, PandaOmics® provides natural language conversations catered to life sciences, as well as knowledge graphs connecting diseases, target genes and potential therapeutic molecules.

“We are very excited about this partnership that allows us to work closely together with experts from Insilico Medicine to expand our digital science and AI capabilities in research and development,” said Ben Toogood, chief executive officer at invoX.

“There is a huge opportunity to enhance drug development through the use of AI and machine learning. We believe that greater use of AI in drug discovery will ultimately lead to more breakthrough innovations in a shorter time, which will enable us to better serve the needs of patients.”

Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, founder and chief executive officer of Insilico Medicine, added: “The collaboration with invoX is a great opportunity for Insilico to collectively advance the state of the art of artificial intelligence itself and apply it in a way that amplifies the creativity of human expert.

“To achieve this ambition, artificial intelligence needs to learn from every type of data set that subject matter experts find valuable and that requires the type of close interaction between multiple disciplines we see in this partnership.”

AI models arising from the collaboration will be applied to a range of use cases of which the first two are in execution.  The companies are taking a platform approach to AI where a set of large models is trained for multiple tasks. This will allow new projects and use cases to be initiated on a continuous basis throughout the multi-year collaboration between the companies.

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