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AI natural language tech streamlines medical claims processing



Defendant insurance firm Plexus Law is to adopt expert.ai’s processing technology in bid to improve response times and better the client experience.

Expert.ai’s AI-based natural language (NL) capabilities will enable Plexus Law to intelligently automate processing of medical reports.

The law firm has chosen expert.ai’s legal solutions to make it faster and easier for staff to manage a higher volume of accounts and review a greater breadth and depth of documents.

James Slater, Chief Technology Officer at Plexus Law, said:

“Plexus Law is a digitally enabled law firm empowering people and business, now and for the future, with agility and excellence.

“The partnership with expert.ai introduces an AI-based technology which will create efficiencies and significantly improve response times in our claims management process benefitting end-users and clients.

“It represents one step in our ongoing commitment to meet the evolving needs of clients through investment in technology as part of our digital transformation programme.”

The AI company’s natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities can understand language with a high level of accuracy.

Now, Plexus Law claims team can process large volumes of medical history data, tests and diagnostic reports, with the ability to extract the precise information needed to speed up analysis and reporting.

By applying intelligent process automation, legal professionals can:

– Automate the analysis and processing of legal documentation, eliminating time-consuming and repetitive manual data entry;

– Reduce costs due to improved process efficiency;

– Increase accuracy by eliminating manual processing errors;

– Free up time for legal experts to focus on higher value tasks;

– Speed up reporting, leading to a better customer experience.

John Wilkinson, Senior Vice President EMEA Sales, expert.ai, said:

“We are excited to partner with Plexus Law to rethink the way information-intensive processes are deployed across legal workflows.

“Leveraging the expert.ai’s natural language capabilities, legal teams can read thousands of documents, turning language into actionable data and accurately extracting the information they need to achieve greater efficiency while providing timely responses to client inquiries.”

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1 Comment

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