Solve appoints Kristin Jacobson as president and CEO



Kristin Jacobson succeeds Oved Amitay, who served as President and CEO from June 2020 to October 2023.

Solve, a national non-profit organisation leading research and advocacy for post-infection diseases has announced the appointment of Kristin Jacobson as its new president and CEO.

A passionate patient advocacy leader and a member of Solve’s board of directors, Kristin Jacobson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role. She has served on the board since May 2023, demonstrating her commitment to advancing the organization’s mission.

Kristin’s career spans over 30 years in the healthcare sector, with a strong focus on patient advocacy and healthcare access. She has held executive positions in both corporate and nonprofit sectors and has been a tireless advocate for medically underserved communities. Notably, Kristin has made significant contributions to California’s autism community by leading key initiatives to establish coverage, advance health policy, and enforce insurance coverage for autism and mental health conditions.

Solve Board Chair John Nicols expressed his enthusiasm for Kristin’s appointment, stating, “We are thrilled to have Kristin Jacobson take the helm as our new CEO. Her extensive experience, dedication to patient advocacy, and successful track record in healthcare make her the ideal leader to continue Solve’s mission of serving the millions of patients, caregivers, and advocates in our community.”

As a member of Solve’s Board of Directors, Kristin has a unique understanding of the organization’s mission and community. Her vision for Solve includes a steadfast commitment to health equity and access, and empowering marginalized communities, communities of color, and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities.

In a message to the Solve community, John Nicols also expressed gratitude to Oved Amitay for his leadership and dedication, noting that Oved will continue to support the organization as a strategic advisor through the end of the year.

As the incoming CEO, Kristin Jacobson is poised to lead Solve into an era of continued growth, innovation, and progress. Her focus on health equity and advocacy strongly aligns with Solve’s mission to provide relief to individuals suffering from these devastating conditions and enhance their quality of life.

“We are at a critical inflection point,” said Kristin Jacobson. “Our community is growing, and together, we will amplify our voices and catalyze change. I am deeply committed to improving the lives of all individuals experiencing various manifestations of these conditions and bringing attention, focus, and health access to underserved patient populations.”

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