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Dr Iain McCowan is Director of AI at Dubber – a platform using natural language processing to understand and interpret conversations in healthcare and beyond.

Over the past 25 years, Dr McCowan’s career has bridged research and commercialisation in the field of speech and language AI, working in several research organisations as well as founding two startups.

He joined Dubber through the acquisition of Notiv, where he was Co-Founder and CTO.

What makes Dubber different from other conversation capture and intelligence technology?

Dubber’s AI goes beyond basic keyword searching and the capabilities of simple call transcribing or conversation capture software.

                   Dr Iain McCowan

Using AI to understand language and sentiment, our technology delivers nuanced conversation intelligence to unlock deeper insights from every patient, clinician and administrative interaction.

Our recently launched Dubber Moments leverages our proprietary Conversation Intelligence platform to automatically detect pivotal moments, snippets and interactions in voice, video, chat and SMS data across networks.

This enriched conversation data can be visualised through our ‘Insights’ software to bring healthcare professionals pivotal insights groundbreakingly fast, enabling decisive actions.

Our technology can generate real-time alerts highlighting critical events like complaints so staff can immediately resolve issues.

It can also provide intelligent dashboards to spot communication bottlenecks across departments.

Additionally, sentiment analysis flags growing problems proactively from conversations.

Dubber also auto-extracts follow-up tasks and actions so conversations drive productivity.

Compliance features meet stringent data standards, encryption and access controls, while robust APIs allow deep integration with leading communication platforms and information systems to unify data.

Our goal is to make conversations across healthcare systems more transparent, actionable and impactful.

We go beyond capturing interactions to reveal the key insights that have the potential to transform care coordination, hospital operations and the patient experience.

How can Dubber improve the patient experience?

Poor communication is a major driver of negative patient experiences in hospitals.

Details get lost between overloaded clinical staff, administrators and patients themselves. Switchboard operators can route calls to the wrong department due to overload or limited context about a patient issue.

This frustrates patients, and at times can result in verbal abuse of staff.

Hospitals know this is a problem, but they often do not have sufficient data to inform a solution.

With the aggregated cross-departmental conversation intelligence provided by a solution like Dubber Moments, hospitals can highlight which departments are receiving complaints outside their domain, providing administrators with the data they require to inform policies and training to improve operators’ ability to route calls correctly, as well as detect, flag and help prevent verbal abuse.

Likewise, with our AI able to detect a rise in complaints about wait times in a certain unit or department for example, administrators can reallocate resources effectively to resolve bottlenecks.

By processing conversations faster than human workers, our platform enables continuous improvement driven by real data.

Whether advising patients over the phone, answering questions at the desk or reviewing treatment options in a consult, our AI can automatically generate a summary with clear follow-ups, which can be stored in the patient’s file.

Doctors can quickly review advice history without relying solely on memory and limited notes, preventing key details from falling through the cracks.

AI conversation intelligence transforms patient satisfaction by resolving information gaps and disputes quicker while personalising future interactions better with conversational context.

How do Dubber’s insights improve healthcare efficiency?

Dubber transforms conversations into data and insights that can help drive productivity across hospital systems.

Of all organisations, hospitals are one of the most reliant on conversations as integral to how they function.

Whether these are operational or clinical interactions, a vital amount of hospital communication occurs verbally.

Traditionally, this has presented a major challenge in connecting hospitals, as the information from these conversations could only be captured by incomplete manual notes or hard to access audio files.

With overloaded staff and stressed patients, key details from conversations can fall through the cracks and contribute to confusion over details, poor patient experience, disputes, and lost productivity.

Integrated into hospital communication systems, conversation intelligence helps ensure that details are accurately and comprehensively captured and available as a core part of a hospital’s information systems.

Accurate call transcripts and AI-generated summaries with actions automatically created by Dubber Moments can help hospital staff prioritise and improve their efficiency.

For nurses, Conversation Intelligence can address one of their biggest frustrations – excessive administrative work.

Nurses can end up spending hours of their shift doing paperwork instead of caring for patients.

By automatically generating notes and clinical details from conversations, nurses can gain back precious time to focus on patient care.

Similarly, doctors lose significant productivity to administrative tasks, which conversation intelligence can optimise through automated documentation and prioritisation, freeing them up to provide more care to patients throughout the day.

Where is your technology being used today?

Dubber’s conversation intelligence platform is directly integrated into 215 communication networks globally, allowing businesses on those networks to seamlessly access our solutions.

Designed as an innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ cloud based solution for businesses and industries of all sizes, Dubber delivers meaningful insights using AI and conversation data.

Thousands of companies worldwide benefit from Dubber’s preferred, compliant and secure solution.

The launch of our Dubber Moments conversation intelligence solution last year is fuelling diverse customer growth beyond our traditional compliant call recording market.

What data security do you have in place?

Building from our base as a call recording company for compliance needs, data security and privacy controls are central to everything we do and our AI products comply with industry  standard Responsible AI Principles.

We maintain a Trust Centre that includes full details of our compliance with numerous global regulatory standards.

How do you see AI helping to transform healthcare over the next few years?

In the next few years, healthcare will undergo radical changes in terms of communications and operational efficiency as a result of AI.

Conversation intelligence will be a fundamental part of these changes, bringing patients more personalised, proactive and preventative care management, and facilitating an administrative efficiency revolution for healthcare staff.

AI like Dubber’s, that taps into the rich insights from patient and clinician conversations, will prove foundational to this transformation.

With automated documentation, conversation-driven tools like Dubber Moments will significantly reduce the need for manual physician and nurse note taking, allowing faster and more record creation and preservation.

Capturing patient dialogue for subtle verbal cues could assist clinicians in making more accurate initial diagnostic assessments and treatment plans as well as providing better patient care.

Electronic medical records and out-takes generated from calls will make accessing patient data faster for time-strapped physicians.

Voice-based interfaces in particular will increasingly become the norm for engaging patients, and this is where Dubber delivers major value – helping make those conversations more transparent and useful via AI tailored to the healthcare industry’s needs.

What can we expect to see from Dubber in 2024?

Dubber is continuing to build on our conversation intelligence for healthcare, with a range of innovations planned for 2024 and beyond.

Conversation intelligence provides a critical foundation to analyse conversation quality in medical interactions, and Dubber’s future of business for healthcare centres on this principle.

The Complaints Moment aims to pinpoint patient complaints within a conversation, and with the development of a deeper understanding of the overall conversation quality, Moments will more effectively gauge how a clinical interaction was handled (i.e. was the complaint resolved and how effectively).

Likewise, Dubber will develop its AI with new Moments related to Customer Satisfaction that will unlock insights for hospitals to improve the patient experience.

For employees, the company is developing ‘Employee Safety and Wellbeing’ Moments designed to detect and flag moments of verbal abuse during conversations in order to protect healthcare workers from abuse, such as over the phone.

The company is currently in development and testing of further Moments that will provide insights to healthcare providers on how to unlock data in conversations and extract greater insights from both clinical and operational interactions.

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