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World-first smart kegel exerciser aims to empower women

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A global femtech company has announced the launch of the world’s first FDA-registered smart kegel exerciser.

The device, known as Lilac, is designed to help women strengthen pelvic floor muscles and regain bladder control with real-time biofeedback via a mobile app.

Lilac connects to users’ smartphones via a dedicated app which provides instructional videos and offers feedback during the exercise routines. Unlike traditional methods such as kegel weights, Lilac’s biofeedback technology allows users to track their training in real-time.

Femometer, the company behind the product, believes the device is a bold new step in the femtech era and aims to empower women who are seeking to rebuild their sexual and pelvic health.

Speaking to Health Tech World, Adam Lou, CEO of Femometer said: “We use different medical IoT [Internet of Things] sensors to quantify symptoms, then use our data technology to help improve women’s health.

“The Lilac device is Bluetooth-enabled and has pressure sensors all the way around the product, so when a woman uses it, it will transfer pressure data to the app and show the user how they use their muscles. The app then assigns them with courses to help them take control of their muscles.

“It was very challenging to develop this new sensor technology because the pressure applied by the muscles is very low. It is comparable to a small amount of pressure applied with your fingers, so it has to be very precise.”

Up to a third of women experience a problem with their pelvic floor muscles at some point in their lifetime. Research by the MayoClinic uncovered that several factors could weaken a women’s pelvic floor muscles, including pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, aging, excessive straining from constipation or chronic coughing.

Femometer says it launched Lilac in response to the growing market need for smarter and more effective products for women whose health has long been misunderstood and underrepresented.

Lou said: “Helping women to talk about and focus on strengthening their pelvic floor has been taboo for so long. We’re proud to take the first step in being vocal about the health problems women experience because of this oft-neglected area of the body. At Femometer, we’re reinventing the conversation around kegel exercises and making it a more comfortable and approachable topic.

“Lilac is built as an easy-to-use solution for all women, to help them build muscle strength in their pelvic floor – a critically important function that plays an essential role in bladder control, intimacy and core stability.”

Femometer was founded in 2014 by Lou after he and his wife experienced three heartbreaking miscarriages. Six years later, the company is one of the new leading voices in the femtech and natural contraceptive space, with around 2 million users across 150 countries.

The company’s first product was Vinca, a smart basal thermometer that predicts ovulation. The product is used by women both as natural contraception and by those trying to conceive.

The company has since released a series of female-focused medical devices including products for natural contraception, hormone testing and tracking menstrual cycles.

Lou said: “All the products Femometer has designed are very much about empowering women to understand their own data and encourage them to stay engaged and learn about their bodies. It is always about putting the data back in the hands of the individual and teaching them what they’re looking at.

“We help women through their entire journey from the very start; from tracking their periods, through to understanding their fertile window and tracking their pregnancy. And now, with Lilac, we’re helping women gain confidence after having a baby.”

In the next 12 months, the company aims to increase its user base to five million and further expand its product line

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