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World-first device showcased at MEDICA 2021



The world’s first handheld, non-contacting optical pachymeter is to be showcased at MEDICA 2021.

Occuity, a UK-based medical technology start-up producing handheld non-contacting optical instruments for use in healthcare, diagnostics, and monitoring, will be joining the UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2021, to showcase its pioneering device.

Founded in 2019, Occuity has developed and patented its contactless optical technology to obtain precise measurements from the eye. The company’s vision is to use the eye as a window into the health of the body and to utilise their non-invasive, non-contact handheld technology to bring a range of new medical devices to market which use this technology for ophthalmic examinations, diabetes management, pre-diabetes screening and, in the longer term, the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

The first of Occuity’s revolutionary handheld optical ophthalmic devices, the PM1 Pachymeter is aimed at the optometry market and designed to measure corneal thickness with micrometre level precision in just a few seconds. The pioneering technology has been developed to allow both clinicians and technicians to take central corneal thickness measurements – used to support glaucoma diagnosis – quickly and easily.

The device uses an optical technique which means it is completely non-contacting which is unique in a handheld device and in contrast to existing invasive ultrasound pachymeters, which must directly contact a patient’s eye. Because the PM1 never touches the eye, it removes the potential risk of spreading infections and accidental damage to the cornea, while also enhancing COVID-19 safety.

Visitors at MEDICA 2021 will be able to see the ground-breaking technology being showcased for the first time on the ABHI UK Pavilion.

Occuity, co-founder and CEO Dr Dan Daly, said: “We are thrilled to be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2021 to launch our first innovation for optometry. Through the unique capabilities of our technology, we aim to deliver a step-change over the next decade in optometry practice and the way chronic diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s are detected and managed.

“It’s important to all of us that the devices we’re developing will be kinder, more intuitive, and more convenient than existing technologies. We look forward to showcasing the unique features of our PM1 technology at MEDICA and meeting interested partners.”

The Occuity PM1 uses an optical technology called a confocal scan in which a tightly focused beam of light is scanned through the eye and the reflections are detected and analysed to determine the thickness of the cornea. To take a measurement, the operator simply holds the device up to the patient’s eye.

Once aligned the PM1 automatically scans at 100-120 times per second capturing over 200 readings each second before immediately displaying the average of these measurements along with the standard deviation (variability) figure.  As the wavelength of light is much smaller than that of ultrasound, the meter is capable of being significantly more accurate. In-house, testing shows the Occuity PM1 will be capable of delivering reliable, repeatable measurement with accuracy typically within +/- 5 microns.

In addition, the PM1’s non-contact capabilities make it totally pain-free for customers, while limiting the risk of infection, and ensuring there is no need to anaesthetise the eye. The revolutionary device presents the world’s first handheld, non-contacting optical pachymeter.

Paul Benton, managing director, international at the ABHI, added: “We are so pleased that Occuity has chosen to launch their ground-breaking new technology on the ABHI Pavilion. The company is doing some truly exciting work with the potential to dramatically improve lives, and we look forward to supporting them in launching their product to patients globally at MEDICA.”

MEDICA is taking place from 15 – 18 November 2021 and throughout the show, Occuity will be located on the ABHI UK Pavilion – Hall 16 Stand 16J42.

For more information, visit https://www.occuity.com/.


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