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Warwick SASCo showcases at MEDICA 2021



Independent family-run business Warwick SASCo Ltd, which specialises in the supply of sterilisable polyware for hospitals, is joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2021 to showcase their pioneering range of long-life medical plastics. 

Established in 1981, the company has a reputation for high quality products designed for hospital decontamination and sterile services, operating and surgical applications, patient care and home nursing – where infection management and good user application are critical.

As a pioneer in medical plastic manufacturing for over 40 years, the company has spent years weighing up the advantages and downsides of many forms of plastic – and the alternatives – in terms of sterility, suitability and sustainability.

They recently announced the launch of a new publication that aims to broaden the conversation about the role of plastic, focusing on its revolutionary role in the medical world – in hospitals and operating theatres and across infection control. The publication, which explores the benefits and importance of the material in healthcare, aims to give “a more balanced picture” of the benefits of plastic, focusing on the potential for re-use and recycling.

Today Warwick SASCo supplies high quality, reusable plastic medical devices to healthcare professionals in over 65 countries. At MEDICA 2021, attendees will be able to see seem some of these solutions in practice on the ABHI UK Pavilion.

Janine Farmer, Commercial Manager, commented:  “We are delighted to be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2021 where we’ll be showcasing our range of reusable plastic products.  Understanding the use of plastic as a material is complex but it is essential in today’s healthcare industry. We believe that by responsibly disposing, reusing and recycling plastic, it can play an important part in helping to protect the environment rather than damage it.

“We have been a key player in the revolution of plastic in healthcare and with our finger on the pulse, constantly seek the sustainable solutions our buyers are looking for. In partnership with our suppliers, we continue to explore innovative processes and new materials that have greater potential for recycling and reusability. We look forward to meeting new partners and forming new connections at MEDICA.”

2021 marks a milestone in Warwick SASCo’s history. In June1981 the company launched the first range of polyware for use in hospital instrument decontamination. The products were quickly adopted and favoured by Sterile Services for their efficacy, low cost and durability.

Since its humble beginning the family run business has sold over 300 million items and become a stalwart of sterile services internationally. Recently, the company was (re)awarded the NHS contract to supply polyware to UK hospitals. They continue to focus on bringing a sustainable approach to the way plastic is used and applied in healthcare.

Paul Benton, Managing Director, International at ABHI, added:“We are delighted that Warwick SASCo have chosen to showcase their pioneering solutions on the ABHI Pavilion, where they’ll be joined by some of the most exciting and forward-thinking UK companies across healthcare. We look forward to welcoming them this year.”

MEDICA is taking place from 15 – 18 November 2021 and throughout the show, Warwick SASCo will be located on the ABHI UK Pavilion – Hall 16 / K48.

For more information visit https://www.sasco.co.uk/.

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