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VST Enterprises brings forward new digital health passport

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Manchester-based technology firm VST Enterprises has developed what it calls the world’s first secure five In one digital health passport and wallet.

The cross border, cross corporation V-Health Passport can be used by international governments, consumers and companies to authenticate a person’s true identity, their COVID-19 test results and vaccinations.

V-Health Passport is a test agnostic system so it can record results from all global COVID testing manufacturers and protocols from PCR to rapid antigen and antibody testing.

Additionally, it has its own unique contact tracing capability True Contact, built within the technology designed for travel, sports stadiums, venues, factories, offices and construction sites.

VST Enterprises CEO Louis-James Davis said: “We developed and built the V-Health Passport and health wallet to be the most secure technology on the planet.

“With V-Health Passport, we wanted to provide functionality and greater mobility to allow citizens to return to work, be fit to fly or return to the sports stadiums. But at the heart of the technology was the ability to protect and respect data privacy of the individual.

“The lack of engagement and interaction by the public with Government track and trace app/s over the pandemic was over privacy, security of data and the tracking of a person’s live location.

“This is why we have built a unique system in the vein of self-sovereign ID with the ethics of privacy and security by design. The V-Health Passport puts the citizen in control in a way which they share information with who, when and where.”

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