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US healthtech company launches platform to address clinical burnout



Redpoint Summit CTO, Mike Antonelli (left), senior product manager Angela Gifford, and founder and CEO, Chuck Schneider

A US healthtech company has launched a platform to automate and expedite workflows within electronic medical records and ease pressure on medical staff.

Redpoint Summit, a Missouri-based healthcare technology company, aims to reduce clinician burnout through electronic medical record personalisation.

The company’s founders partnered with Nebraska Medicine, a private not-for-profit healthcare company, to design and build the system and address clinical burnout which became a significant issue for health systems across the globe.

The Medication Order Favorites platform uses AI to keep track of physicians’ usage patterns, streamlining the time spent in EMR to reduce burnout.

The product aims to help physicians spend less time entering data into the EMR, and spend more time with additional patients.

According to the American Medical Association, for every hour physicians provide direct clinical face time to patients, nearly two additional hours is spent on EHR and desk work within the clinic day.

Additionally, a recent survey revealed that a quarter of US clinicians are considering switching careers. Of those considering leaving the field entirely, 89 per cent cite burnout as the main cause.

Redpoint Summit says its platform identifies the clinician’s EMR usage fingerprint via AI, finds patterns of usage and builds streamlined workflows for each user to reduce clinical burnout and improve efficiency within healthcare.

Chuck Schneider, CEO of Redpoint Summit, says the company will continue to build a portfolio of physician efficiency products ranging from streamlining documentation to managing order sets.

“Our vision is to be the world-leading clinical data analytics company, and from the analytics, we can improve costs and patient outcomes.”

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