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Triride: The ride of your life



Nathan Milgate is Director of Triride UK. Nathan looks after the Triride product range for the UK market though a network of experienced dealers/resellers.

What was the idea behind Triride?

Triride was created by Italian wheelchair user, Gianni Conte.

The original idea was to provide electrical assistance to a manual wheelchair in a small, compact and lightweight design.

Through interaction with friends and acquaintances, requests for further individual products were received and the need for Triride as a company was born.

How does Triride allow wheelchair users to live more freely?

Triride can attach to most manual wheelchairs by way of small brackets attached the wheelchair.

When attached the wheelchair, caster wheels (small wheels at the front) are raised from the ground and the Triride wheel becomes the user’s front wheel.

Accessing bumpy or uneven ground is now much easier as the small wheels that normally prohibit this are replaced with the larger motorised Triride wheel.

With the electrical assistance, Triride provides its users a comfortable and stress-free ride.

With Triride, the worry of steeper hills, long journeys or cobblestones disappears.

How did you develop the technology?

As a company, Triride invests heavily in our research and development from a technical perspective, but with many users of the product inside the company from a user’s perspective also.

The Triride engineering team are always looking to develop the functionality of the product further and work closely with a large group of end users who test new innovations and designs, whether mechanical or electronic updates.

What sets Triride apart from most is the investment in proprietary software and technology.

As a company, a large focus goes into developing our electronics in-house and alongside that, our software that defines the operation of the product.

This provides our edge to develop and implement new driving features of the product while ensuring these new features are able to be retro-fitted to existing customer devices so existing users can benefit from new the features and technologies developed.

How has the company and product range grown since?

Over time, the need for power-assist in different terrains has grown and so has the Triride range.

Various wheel sizes, tyre and motor options are now available, so whether you need a compact Triride for travel or a large off-road device, there is an option to accommodate each user requirement.

Please tell us about the customisability of Triride

Triride is fully customisable to the end user’s functional requirements. We are not an out-of-the-box supplier, simply because our user all have different functional requirements.

Users have the option to choose different throttle and brake options, whether they are left or right and so on.

For some users, operation of a conventional brake lever can be challenging.

Over the years, Triride has worked with many end users to develop a range of speciality control options for limited function/dexterity users.

Our patented mono controls allow the user to drive with a single lever input for push to brake and pull to accelerate and can be combined with many different hand grip options.

This can be further combined with our proprietary electronics functions such as Motion Direct Control, which allows the user to operate their device with a single input for throttle and electronic brake, allowing users with extremely limited function to operate their Triride independently.

Lastly, you can combine with additional safety features such as a remote braking system to be operated by an attendant/carer.

For example on our paediatric model this is a popular option as Mum/Dad can apply the electronic brakes remotely should the need arise.

There are also a full range of personalisation options for colour, design and choice of accessories on the Triride.

What are the opportunities and challenges driving wheelchair innovation in 2022?

Challenges over the past two year have obviously been Covid situation and for the UK market of course the challenges of import presented by Brexit.

A number of supply chain issues of raw materials have delayed launches of some new product lines.

However, some of these challenges are also a positive as the team has had more time to innovate and develop new technologies and functions within our electronics, further enhancing the possibilities for our users.

Many of these are small changes for the end user but are time consuming development works in the background. This constant development is what keeps Triride as one of the leaders of the field in power assist devices.

Micro mobility in general is the new buzzword and electronic-assist devices in the medical device industry benefit from this change of attitude as more focus is put on electric motors and green technology.

There is also a change in perception of manual wheelchair or powered wheelchair.

There is now a widely-regarded option in the middle, power assist devices which provide mobility to end users without the lifestyle change that a large heavy electric wheelchair requires.

What do you have in store for 2023?

2023 will see a new product our Multi Traction wheelchair system grow further.

A system that can be added to a manual wheelchair combined with a Triride front add-on offers three wheel drive performance, accessing impossible terrain like loose gravel inclines and soft sand is now achievable from your own manual wheelchair.

The system has been in development for some time to perfect drive function and will certainly be a hugely popular addition to our product range for new and existing Triride users alike.

Backwards compatibility for existing products in the field  is something we have worked very hard to achieve.

Find out more about Triride at triride.uk

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