Transatlantic partnership expands VR therapy for older adults



MyndVR, the US-based provider of VR-based, digital therapeutic experiences designed for older adults, has announced a partnership with European VR platform Oroi, to expand MyndVR’s catalogue of cognitive, physical and occupational therapies.

MyndVR provides virtual reality solutions for senior living communities, home care agencies, veteran homes and individual adults ageing in their own homes across the US, Canada and Australia.

Oroi Cognitive includes multiple exercises and games that simulate daily life situations, such as shopping in a market, navigating a city, tidying up a room, getting dressed and many other activities of daily living (ADLs), a common set of skills taught by professional therapists.

In addition to Oroi Cognitive, MyndVR will be providing Oroi Fit – a VR exercise app combining physical exercise with immersive content like biking through the countryside or rowing down a river.

The partnership marks continued expansion for MyndVR beyond senior living engagement and activities.

Chris Brickler, CEO of MyndVR, said:

“Our European allies have been working hard to solve many of the same problems facing our ageing population in America today.

“This partnership will drive a new generation of therapeutic, immersive content all designed with love, care and compassion.”

Jorge Maylin, CEO of Oroi, which operates in Spain, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Germany, said:

“This strategic partnership brings exciting new possibilities for both businesses and marks the first trans-Atlantic partnership for our emerging industry.”.

Robin Viles as Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, added:

“We’re embarking on a new era of VR-based, digital therapeutics that will undoubtedly play a big part in the future of senior care.

“I’m excited to apply my expertise to the company’s growth in VR development and research across a variety of clinical settings.”

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