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Tissue analysis AI shows promising results

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Tissue analysis AI.

Health tech firm Lunit has seen its tissue analysis AI applied in a clinical trial for drug development, accurately predicting patient responses to immunotherapy.

Lunit is developing novel AI biomarkers that can be applied in cancer treatment.

Since 2019, it has been validating the effectiveness of its AI-based tissue analysis platform ‘Lunit SCOPE’ that accurately predicts cancer patients’ response to immunotherapy.

Lunit SCOPE IO, one of Lunit SCOPE product lines, has been applied to a phase one clinical trial of a new drug for the first time.

In a joint study with Y Biologics, a South Korean clinical-stage antibody biotech company, the technology accurately predicted the immunotherapy response of all the patients who participated in the study. 

Lunit CMO Chan-Young Ock said: “From 2019, Lunit has proven that response to immunotherapy varies depending on the spatial distribution of immune cells in cancer tissue, which has been the foundation for the AI platform ‘Lunit SCOPE IO’.

“This study is the first case where Lunit SCOPE IO was applied to actual drug development clinical trials, and it is a meaningful study that demonstrated high potential for AI-powered biomarkers.”

Brandon Suh, CEO of Lunit, added: “We are now in the process of proving and creating the direction we want to achieve in the field of cancer treatment.

“This year’s ESMO is particularly meaningful as one of our Lunit SCOPE products was used in a clinical trial for the first time and showed its predictable value.

“Our validation of AI-powered biomarkers for immunotherapy will be applied to many other drugs and larger clinical studies in the near future. In light of these positive results, Lunit SCOPE will be commercially made available by the end of this year.”

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