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Thrive awarded CPD accreditation for wellbeing app

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The software is supporting people's mental health in the workplace

Thrive: Mental Wellbeing, an NHS-approved corporate wellbeing app, has been awarded with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation for its learning and development content around workplace mental health.

Continuing Professional Development combines different methodologies to learning, including training and workshops, with the purpose of helping individuals to improve personal proficiencies in their respective careers.

Thrive is the only mental health app that provides accredited CPD workshops, webinars and training for employees, and was recognised for the quality of its learning and development content for organisations.

CEO and co-founder Dr Andres Fonseca said: “This is a very proud moment. To get industry recognition for our webinars and receive this accreditation is welcome acknowledgement for all of the hard work the team puts into making our training offering as relevant and helpful for businesses and career professionals.

“In a world where businesses clearly understand the importance of supporting their employees with their mental wellbeing, hundreds of providers are now offering training packages and content designed to support employees.

“Without proper regulation, however; you can’t be sure where exactly the content has come from or whether it’s safe and beneficial for employees attending the session. That’s where the CPD accreditation comes in.”

Thrive supports both the business and their employees. For the business, Thrive supports organisations mental health strategies by providing comprehensive data to ensure organisations understand how their employees are truly feeling, whilst showing an impact in the service provided.

For employees, the Thrive app focuses on the early detection, prevention and self-management of mental health conditions through clinically effective and evidence-based methods, as well as signposting employees to seek further support through existing resources.

Johanna Scheutzow, a business psychologist at Thrive who delivers the CPD accredited workshops, added: “The in-app coaching service has seen an increase of 329% usage since lockdown began.

“We’ve delivered more than 15 times the number of webinars and workshops this year than what was delivered in 2019 and we believe it’s due to employees needing better ways of coping with the current situation we all find ourselves in.

“Our role as a business psychology team is to ensure the people attending our training workshops leave with a new set of skills, tools, and learnings that they can use in their everyday life moving forward to support themselves and those close to them.”

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