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The smart helmet that detects viruses

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Africa’s largest noodle manufacturing plant is adopting a smart helmet which enables the wearer to detect workers who may be carrying the Covid 19 virus.

The KC N901 Smart Helmet, developed by technology and innovation company KC Wearable will be used by the Dufil Group.

Dufil is responsible for the production of Indomie, one of the world’s most popular Mi Goreng instant noodle brands, as well as oil and pasta brands Power and MiniMie.

The helmet is being deployed at Dufil food manufacturing plant in Nigeria, a country which has seen almost 57,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 so far.

The wearable thermal detection device allows users to screen multiple individuals at once for a key symptom of COVID-19. It can detect fevers, the most prevalent symptom of the virus, with 96% accuracy.

According to KC Wearable, unlike traditional static thermal cameras, the wearable headset improves the efficiency and flexibility of COVID-19 screening, enabling the user to freely move around an area. The helmet can scan up to 13 people at once and 200 people a minute, making it appropriate for public settings such as transport hubs, hospitals or parks.

Powered by augmented reality technology, the helmet visor’s thermo-scan sensors show the temperature of people in real time. The helmet is effective within a five-metre radius, enabling the wearer to maintain social distancing at all times and has the potential to link up to other data on COVID-19 tracking apps. The device stores all data itself with a 64GB internal memory.

As the person wearing the helmet looks around, they can see an infrared image of the person and their temperature appears over the right eye. That allows the wearer to continue to monitor the factory as usual using their left eye.

Working in collaboration with KC Wearable, Dufil Group has tailored the smart helmet to fit the requirements of a factory setting. This includes personalised detection, enabling security staff to isolate outbreaks.

Changdev Markad, technical manager at Dufil Group, said: “We ensure that all workers are screened at the start of their shifts, allowing us to identify high temperatures – a key symptom of COVID-19 – and limit the spread of the virus.

“We have worked closely with KC Wearable to tailor the helmet to our specific requirements, allowing us to personalise screening to individual employees so that we can easily identify potential threats, whilst simultaneously protecting the rest of the workforce by isolating outbreaks. The KC Helmet is a fantastic asset and a natural choice for our business, allowing us to continue to function during the pandemic.”

Dr Jie Guo, global head of KC Wearable, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Dufil Group. The KC N901 Smart Helmet is helping to keep workers safe whilst enabling the factory to run as smoothly as possible during the pandemic. KC Wearable’s mission from the outset has been to allow normal life to resume. Whilst we are still a long way off normality, empowering factories and businesses to continue to function during the pandemic is a very important step in the right direction. We hope to continue to support businesses throughout the pandemic.”

The KC N901 Smart Helmet is now being used by businesses and organisations in 35 countries in Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East. It has been used by the Italian police and Rome’s Fiumicino Airport.

Dr Guo added: “As we have seen in many countries, the ability to identify the virus is the first step in being able to control it. The KC Helmet allows officials to do just that by providing them with an accurate detection method.’’

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