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The app that can tackle workplace burnout 

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The word “burnout” is never far from the headlines, and the number of people suffering from it is rising fast. This app has been designed to tackle just that…

A new app designed to help working people manage their own wellbeing and avoid burn-out was launched in time for the New Year.

Bank of Me has been designed and developed by a team of experts, drawing from the fields of psychology, health and wellbeing, sports, business and fitness, in response to growing concerns about the wellbeing of people at work.

Recent surveys identified the impact of the cost of living crisis on worker wellbeing, and fears of burnout as a top reason for people quitting their jobs.

Targeting big issues

Available on Apple and Android, Bank of Me directly targets topical issues and common challenges in the lives of professional people, and uses six metrics to chart the app user’s progress – emotional, physical, focus, personal growth, motivation and inclusion. 

Developed by workplace tech company Tuddl, the app contains a knowledge hub of wellbeing-related advice and resources that becomes tailored to the users’ regular check-ins, to help them through the day, and take care of themselves.

Tuddl Co-Founder and COO Jane Sparrow said: “We all have a human bank balance when it comes to our energy, emotions and enthusiasm, and currently many of us are in the red for a whole host of reasons, including work pressures and money worries.

“We developed Bank of Me in response to concerns expressed by businesses we work with about their employees’ wellbeing and productivity. In these uncertain times, we can use technology to keep ourselves well wherever we are.

“We’re launching the app now in time for the New Year and what can be a particularly tricky time for people mentally and emotionally. We hope Bank of Me helps people stay well and avoid burning out in 2023.”

The design and development of the app and content has been underpinned by years of research by the creators, working with people in organisations of every shape and size, in dozens of countries and at every level of management, from the critical front-line workers up to C-level board members.

The in-your-pocket advisor

The app is designed to be a ‘in your pocket’ advisor that adds value through small interventions. “It won’t take your time, it won’t intrude and it won’t fill your screen with ads,” says Tuddl. “But it will help you build up your personal ‘bank balance’ and ensure you are in good shape to face the world ahead.”

Workload and the ability to maintain mental and physical health and wellbeing are among areas where workers are least satisfied, according to the new A Global Workforce of the Future survey by The Adecco Group.

The survey of more than 30,000 people, with half office-based and half non-office based, found that of those who wanted to change jobs in the next 12 months, more than a third, 35%, identified better work/life balance and worries of burn-out. 

Cost of living crisis & burnout

Meanwhile, workers in the UK are becoming so anxious about the cost of living crisis that it is affecting their performance at work, with two-thirds of managers reporting issues such as rising absenteeism and lack of engagement among stressed-out staff.

In a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) survey of more than 1,000 managers and team leaders, 71% said they had seen evidence of the crisis increasing stress and anxiety for their teams.

Of these, 93% said it was affecting employees’ productivity. That amounts to 66% of all the managers surveyed.

“It’s clear that people are needing support to manage their own wellbeing during what are very tough times at the moment,” said Jane. “We very much hope Bank of Me is a valuable companion to help them stay well and deal with whatever life throws at them.”

Bank of Me costs £4.99 and can be purchased on the links below.



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