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TFP Fertility UK partners with LGBT Mummies to offer inclusive fertility care



Same-sex families in the UK have increased by 40 per cent since 2015

The IVF provider TFP Fertility UK has teamed up with LGBT Mummies to provide inclusive fertility care to the LGBT+ community.

Following the government’s recent Women’s Health Strategy announcement in July 2022, which included plans to improve fertility access for lesbian, gay, bisexual women and non-binary people, TFP Fertility UK hopes to continue helping people in the LGBT+ community start families.

The IVF provider offers treatments and procedures including insemination, fertility treatment and advice about surrogacy for LGBT+ people, as well as egg and sperm donation, and freezing.

The company also helps trans and non-binary people who may wish to start a family.

“We are delighted to be working with LGBT Mummies, who will support us in ensuring we are offering the very best experience for anyone wanting to start a family,” said Ella Tracey, managing director at TFP Fertility UK.

“There are many routes to parenthood, and we are proud that our approach is reflected in the increasing number of LGBT+ parents who choose our clinics.”

Laura-Rose Thorogood, founder at LGBT Mummies, said: “LGBT Mummies is delighted to team up with TFP Fertility UK, and work closely with them through our educational arm Proud Foundations to ensure they have an inclusive and supportive LGBT+ pathway through their clinic processes and services.

“We are excited by their passion and desire to work hard to ensure all people have equal and inclusive access to fertility care through their national clinics and feel it’s a safe space to start their families.”

Recent research showed that there were 212,000 same-sex families in the UK, a 40 per cent increase since 2015.

Earlier this year, the government announced its ambitions to tackle the inequalities and systemic issues within the healthcare system in the Women’s Health Strategy.

Previously, LGBT+ couples had to pay for several rounds of Intrauterine insemination (IUI) before being considered for NHS-funded treatment.

However, under the changes, there will no longer be a requirement for women in same-sex couples, as well as trans and non-binary people seeking IVF, to pay for artificial insemination to ‘prove their fertility status’.

LGBT Mummies has been campaigning for change to help LGBT+ communities’ access funded fertility treatment. This change means that, for LGBT+ people where IVF is not financially viable, they will be able to access fertility treatment and start a family.

The so-called ‘postcode lottery’, however, is still in place and some people will continue to be impacted dependent on their location.

Thorogood explained that: “There is no true equity and equality if it’s not available for all, so this change is a well-overdue step in the right direction. What we need to appreciate however, is that there are still people left out of this strategy and they too need to be considered moving forward.

Couples will now be offered up to six cycles of insemination on the health service before moving onto IVF if necessary.

But experts say challenges remain, as it is down to Integrated Care Boards (ICB) to decide whether to offer the funded access.




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