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TC BioPharm raises more than £1m

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TC BioPharm uses the body's own immune system to fight off infections

Glasgow-based immunotherapy company TC BioPharm has raised more than £1m as part of its latest crowdfunding campaign.

Immunotherapy is a form of treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to prevent cancer and infectious disease. Using patented technology, TC BioPharm harnesses the power of a particular part of the immune system, gamma delta T-cells (GDT).

The company’s focus is on clinical development and refinement of products based on the ideal GDT vehicle with a proprietary genetic CAR-T arsenal to fight a range of cancers.

The firm has now raised £1.2m from 94 investors on Crowdcube, with 29 days remaining on the campaign.

A statement on the company’s crowdfunding page said: “We have treated terminally ill patients with acute myeloid leukaemia in approved clinical trials. Initial results are very encouraging and with positive responses in multiple patients. There were no material side effects.

“Immunotherapies are, in many cases, very expensive treatments. Using our GDT technology could enable us to provide a much lower cost solution, making it more widely accessible to patients.

“Supported by recent clinical evidence, we are delighted to have received regulatory approval from the MHRA to run a COVID-19 clinical trial to address the global pandemic. In addition, we will advance our current technology to provide a frozen product that can be manufactured cost-effectively and distributed globally.”

TC BioPharm has already raised more than £7m in the last 15 months and will use this additional investment to take its clinical trials forward.

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