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Support platform to provide a “positive” approach to dementia care

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The co-founder of a new support platform has spoken to Health Tech World about the system’s “positive” approach to dementia care.

Founded by UK-based entrepreneurs John Thornhill and Sasha Cole, MOJO helps families and their loved ones by reducing the stigma around dementia through a holistic support platform.

The MOJO platform and app provide practical tools to ensure that medical treatment is monitored and reported, using features aimed at creating a more comfortable care environment for the whole family.

The suite of tools includes MOJO Manager, which uses new features to share the practical elements of care amongst the wider family, MOJO Mentoring, which provides live workshops, advice sessions, and online resources, while MOJO Monitoring is an alert system for situations of disorientation or wandering.

Co-founder John Thornhill said: “The burden of care rests almost exclusively with the family. There is almost no support, either in terms of society structure, but certainly from a tech point of view; there isn’t anything out there that is designed to offer practical assistance in sharing this burden of care across the widest possible family unit.

“We have a very strong philosophy, a very positive philosophy, towards dementia care. Some of the tools are very much designed to make the experience better and more enjoyable for everybody concerned. It is about finding those positive elements in what is frankly an awful journey.

“This is for the family. This is all about distributing care amongst those that actually have to provide it in a more positive and manageable way.”

Thornhill also spoke about his expectations and the platform’s plans for expansion.

“Because we are accessible from anywhere, we are planning to launch in the US from the 1st of January. For us to go into other markets is an immediate priority because it is so easy to do.

“We are rolling it out as fast as we can so we can help people as quickly as we can.”

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