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Startup in focus: Speeding up treatment with patient-doctor collaboration



Patient-doctor collaboration with Medicai

Medicai is an online platform that enables doctor-patient collaboration through online sharing and communication.

The Romanian company is focused on improving the journey for patients in the US with severe or rare diseases.

Often, patients with these conditions get diagnosed too late or it takes too long for treatment to start.

This can occur when the patient doesn’t know where to go, specialists are too far away from the patient’s home or family doctors do not have adequate resources.

Medicai connects these elements with ‘digital corridors’, where information can flow instantly between primary care physicians, imaging centres, labs and specialists to improve screening and diagnosis.

The platform, which is powered by next-generation technologies such as cloud storage and artificial intelligence, also enables specialists to work together to establish a treatment plan.

Medicai CEO, Mircea Popa, said:

“We have managed to build up vast expertise in a short-term period, so we already have many implementations in key areas such as triage, diagnosis, monitoring, case management, second opinion, and medical tourism.

“Feedback is unexpectedly good from the first actions on the US market! We have started discussions for some pilot projects and expect to have accelerated growth in a few months.

“We had conversations in which doctors at very large centres in the USA told us they were looking for a solution to this problem but gave up because no one could offer it to them.”

Medicai aims to solve the problem of the low number of radiologists by efficiently distributing and managing cases among them.

The platform also interconnects case data and solves the problem of storing imaging data files which are often too large to be previewed by traditional methods.

It also aims to relieve clinics and hospitals of the burden of maintaining their servers to store this information.

Medicai has raised €1million of investment over the past two years, from names such as ROCA X, DMoonshot, and Cleverage VC.

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