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SonoThera completes $60.75m Series A round



SonoThera, a biotechnology company treating the root cause of human diseases through genetic therapy, has announced completion of its $60.75M Series A financing round.

The company is developing an ultrasound-guided, nonviral gene therapy platform and treatments designed to provide patients with the next generation of safe and effective genetic medicines.

The financing will support the continued development of SonoThera’s ultrasound-guided, nonviral, gene therapy platform and treatments which are designed to provide patients with genetic medicines.

Kenneth Greenberg, PhD, co-founder and chief executive officer of SonoThera, said:

“We are thrilled to reach this important milestone, which advances both our platform technology development and the growth of SonoThera.

“The significant support of our investors further enables our preclinical development and early manufacturing activities while in parallel, we strategically build our team.

“Each step brings us closer to one day making our nonviral gene therapies a reality for patients and providers.”

SonoThera’s ultrasound-guided platform uses sonoporation – a microbubble-mediated biophysical process to non-invasively deliver genetic payloads of diverse formats and sizes, selectively targeting a wide range of organs within the body.

Unlike traditional gene therapies, the technology does not require viral vectors which can be immunogenic, leading to both safety and efficacy challenges.

Steven Gillis, PhD, of ARCH Venture Partners, who led the round, said:

“We believe in the innovation SonoThera is developing to provide a new generation of genetic medicines and are pleased to contribute to its success,.

“The concept of a targeted, non-invasive, nonviral therapy which could deliver a variety of payloads would significantly change the genetic treatment paradigm for patients, potentially across a variety of disease states.”

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