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Software company announces new partnership Yorkshire trusts group



A medication management company has announced a new software partnership with the West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts (WYAAT) which aims to support patient safety and reduce the cost of care.

Omnicell Inc says the partnership will transform inventory management across six NHS trusts as a result of the implementation of its medication management tool, SupplyX.

The partnership brings together six NHS trusts delivering acute hospital services across West Yorkshire and Harrogate and is the latest step in WYAAT’s Scan4Safety programme.

Launched in 2017, Omnicell’s software solution SupplyX is a web based, real-time stock level information dashboard and reporting suite. It links to a hospital’s reporting system to control and report on open and closed stores for both top-up and perpetual inventory management. It is coupled with a handheld scanner for remote stock management and patient data capture.

The system helps to improve the traceability of all medical supplies moving through hospitals and provides trusts with real-time data via a device such as a smartphone. Omnicell says SupplyX reduces unforeseen stock outs through re-orders based on current stock levels rather than weekly or monthly orders. Expiry tracking and automated supplier expiry alerts flag stock to be rotated, reducing out-of-date waste.

Scan4Safety lead at WYAAT, Stuart MacMillan said: “We are really excited about the relationship with Omnicell and the implementation of a regional solution for managing the supply chain processes.

“The solution will allow for the first time a shared, collaborative view of all stock being used in each Trust in real time, opening up the ability to share products, reduce the costs of loan kits and most importantly, improve patient outcomes. Omnicell have proven to be a true partner in this endeavour and we’re looking forward to the opportunities ahead.”

Omnicell says using the system will give trusts a clearer picture of what is happening at each hospital site and help them to make more informed financial decisions by allowing trusts to track and cost everything at a patient, procedure and consultant level.

SupplyX is also said to reduce manual time spent on managing and ordering stock with the aim of redirecting staff time back to face-to-face patient care.

Deputy chief medical officer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, David Berridge said: “I’m passionate about improving patient outcomes across the WYAAT region and pleased to be partnering with Omnicell to achieve our ambitious aims. Throughout the process so far, Omnicell have truly shared our ambitions to deliver on the key aims of Scan4Safety, namely the Right Patient, Right Place, Right Product, Right Process. We look forward to the huge benefits this will bring to the patients receiving care across WYAAT.”

Omnicell Inc is a provider of supply and medication management software and adherence tools for healthcare systems and pharmacies.

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