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Software backed by Andy Murray targets health challenges

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A company, backed by tennis star Andy Murray, is providing software which aims to help people lose weight, improve their health while working from home during the pandemic.

Tictrac is a health engagement business, which helps insurance companies, healthcare providers and organisations to engage their customers and employees in their health and wellbeing.

During the lockdown it offered its Employee Wellbeing platform to UK employers for no charge.

Founder and chief executive Martin Blinder said: “Secondly, within a week after the UK government’s lockdown announcement, we launched our WFH wellbeing campaign and content, providing mental and physical wellbeing activities and social challenges.

“In this way we ensured that our HR colleagues at our customers could immediately respond to the wellbeing needs of their employees, focusing on maintaining a positive and connected work environment, even when people were working remotely.

“Workforces gained access to all the content and features provided through the platform, as part of our themed Covid-19 campaign. Employees also received daily content around maintaining wellbeing at-home and tips on improving mental and physical fitness, as well as dedicated action plans, nutrition advice, and easy to follow recipes, all with the lockdown and social distancing in mind.’’

Backed by Puma Private Equity, Tictrac has raised £6m to allow it to expand its Employee Wellbeing (SaaS) platform, which aims to tackle increasing stress levels and health problems in the workplace.

This brings its total investment to date to £13.5m and existing investors include Andy Murray and NBA all-star Carmelo Anthony.

Through Employee Wellbeing, individuals are empowered to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviours and take control of their wellbeing.

It uses a combination of personalised content relating to the individual’s lifestyle and goals; challenges that incentivise and reward progress and achievements, along with action plans.

Developed using scientific behavioural change techniques, trigger points are used to keeping the individual motivated and engaged.

Founded in 2010, Tictrac has partnered with some of the world’s biggest healthcare and insurance providers, including Aviva, Allianz and Prudential and the new funding will be used to further scale the Enterprise platform.

Blinder said: “Now more than ever, companies have a greater role and responsibility in supporting the health of their workforce. And while businesses are focused on sustaining retention and productivity – particularly with so many people working remotely – they are now tasked with trying to navigate health issues such as burn-out and striking a healthy work-life balance.

“This drove our motivation to launch our Employee Wellbeing platform, it’s playing such a critical role in supporting businesses in unifying their teams to create a happy, healthy and engaged workforce.

“The funding has allowed us to bring this product to market and move to the next phase of our business. The aim at Tictrac is to inspire people to become more accountable for their own health and change the way people look after themselves, for good. We’re confident our Employee Wellbeing platform will help achieve that.”

He added: “We originally created Tictrac as a way to empower people to take greater control of their health and wellbeing. We had the original idea years ago, on a project with Cancer Research UK, in which we had created an alcohol awareness tracker that let people track and better understand their own alcohol consumption. That sparked the idea of creating a much broader platform, focused on combining behavioural science with consumer-centric design, which would motivate people from all walks of life and health needs to take more accountability of their own health.

“Our goal is to create the world’s most engaged wellbeing community, because we know that if we succeed, then we’re helping people to live healthier and reducing the burden on the public healthcare system, the NHS. Having a solution that empowers us to make healthy changes will not only improve our lives and mindsets, but help reduce the strain on healthcare services, which is now even more important following the COVID-19 pandemic.’’

Rupert West, managing director at Puma Private Equity said: “As a nation, we all need to take responsibility for our own health, and thanks to companies like Tictrac this is becoming easier to do on a day-to-day basis. We have been consistently impressed with Tictrac’s ability to heighten health and wellbeing engagement, which in turn will help alleviate some of the pressures our health services continue to face. Through this investment, we are pleased to support Tictrac’s pivotal work in helping the UK achieve these goals and we look forward to aiding the company’s continued growth over the coming years.”


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