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Scottish MedTech and HealthTech innovation going from Silicon Glen to Silicon Valley

By Wendy Lamin, MD, Holoxica Limited



Things are happening on the tech scene in Scotland. Twenty tech leaders from Scotland-based companies pitched in Silicon Valley, visited global tech companies in San Francisco and attended the Startup Grind Global Conference, the worlds’ largest startup community in the world.

Big and small initiatives are creating a fantastic ripple effect on the Scottish tech scene, bottom up and top down, thanks to the Mark Logan Scottish Tech Ecosystem Review (STER), recommendations of which were executed and sponsored by a new Scottish government STER Ecosystem Fund to build a tech ecosystem in Scotland a la Silicon Valley.

Call it ‘Silicon Glen’ if you like. The initiative features dedicated tech events, such as the entrepreneurs investment summit in Glasgow, the first Glasgow Tech Fest, the first FemTech conference focused on women’s health issues in Scotland, tech community gatherings, tech diners and much more.

One of the first initiatives that came out of the new fund was sending a cohort of Scotland-based techpreneurs to Silicon Valley under the wings of the Startup Grind Scotland.

A total of 178 companies applied and a diverse group of 20 were selected. Among them, Holoxica, alongside some other MedTech/HealthTech related companies.

The group attended the global Startup Grind conference in San Francisco, then visited the Nvidia headquarters, and the team were blown away by their demos.

They were also welcomed and entertained for three hours by UserTesting CEO Andy MacMillan, had a Q&A session with Silicon Valley investors under the auspices of Scottish Development International, followed by a dry-run of their respective pitches in front of partners of the Alchemist Accelerator with personalised feedback, before pitching for real at a  Pitch Party in front of a room full of Silicon Valley-based investors.

All of the 20 startups and scaleups were in the same boat, being stressed while rehearsing their pitches. But such experiences create special bonds and friendships.

Call them the water cooler moments, but with ripple effects from the Bay Area all the way back to Silicon Glen. And this was the intention from the start, devised by the brilliant Mark Logan.

So what did we pitch about?

At Holoxica, we pitched about our 3D Telemedicine suite, the world’s first end-to-end integrated 3D telemedicine platform, moving from Tele to Holo-Medicine, from 2D to 3D.

Doctor-patient 3D videoconferencing without glasses or headsets, with patient education through 3D medical visualisation and remote sharing of the patients’ medical scans in colourful 3D.

It’s about humanising, digitising and democratising healthcare communications in 3D, and while doing that, reducing waiting lists and backlogs.

Our fellow MedTech/HealthTech pitchers were:

Dr Claudia Freigang, CEO and Co-founder of Hearing Diagnostics, pitched their innovative hearing testing platform that combines 3D audio with sophisticated statistical analyses in a purpose-built wireless audiology headset.

Hearing Diagnostics’ testing platform is specifically designed to enable accessible, engaging and reliable hearing testing in community settings by individuals untrained in audiology to drive barrier-free and advanced hearing care globally, for all.

Jodie Sinclair, Founder and CEO of Theo Health: Through their pat-pending smart-clothing and app/platform, Theo Health are looking to revolutionise the way that we train and recover from injury.

Initially targeting sports injury recoveries, their smart-clothing will allow you to measure, track and analyse your muscle development, even before progress is physically visible. It can also improve the efficiency of a workout, prevent over-training and prevent future injuries.

Our sportier wearables pitcher:

Alexander Macdonald of HindSight pitched their innovative rear view cycling glasses; the world’s first patented and Olympian-backed eyewear.

You wouldn’t feel safe without mirrors on your cars, why should cyclists? HindSight fuses form and function in a unique stylish pair of sunglasses which empower the world to make smarter and safer decisions.

Keep an eye out for the innovative tech and talent coming out of Scotland. We’re on a mission to make this a better, healthier, safer and more inclusive world.

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