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STEPS: Revolutionary rehab robotics




STEPS is a truly unique day and residential rehabilitation facility.

The Sheffield site features a large therapy gym, hydrotherapy pool, music room, garden and more, alongside the very latest in rehabilitation technology.

In the current climate of increasing waiting times and limited provision of therapy in the community, it is more important than ever to ensure that the therapy being provided to stroke survivors is as efficient and effective as possible.

Robot assisted therapy (RT) has been developed as an innovative approach for upper limb rehabilitation post stroke and has been used very successfully in recent decades.

Compared with conventional therapy, RT can provide high intensity, repetitive and highly reproducible motor training to facilitate neuroplasticity and functional change post stroke.

At STEPS, we have teamed up with Fourier Intelligence and Thor Assistive Technologies to create a rehab hub, full of the newest robotic devices and intelligence.

We work with our clients to explore how these technologies can best complement conventional therapy to achieve the best outcomes.

The Rehab Hub consists of:

ArmMotus™ M2 Gen

This upper-limb system can perform diversified task-orientated training and quantify each movement accurately and objectively.

It also provides an immersive interactive experience to rapidly improve the strength, speed and accuracy of the user’s movement, which will ultimately reshape the upper limb function.

WristMotus™ M1-W

This wrist joint assistive technology provides training that mimics the activities of daily living (ADL).


An intelligent hand rehabilitation robotic glove that targets the fine motor skills of the user by providing various functional finger movement training.

It is portable, lightweight and also provides human-computer interactions by integrating electromyographic biofeedback technology.

AnkleMotus™ M1-A

The M1-A targets rehabilitation of the ankle joint. Its design is based on the motion pattern of the ankle.

It focuses on lower limb muscle strengthening to induce neuroplasticity for the muscle groups involved in walking, hence regaining its ability.


This product series is the perfect solution for upper and lower limb training.

It covers different rehabilitation needs with a variety of design and therapies such as the bedside version for the acute stages, active and passive training for the sub-acute stages, and resistance training for the chronic stages.

A lot of research on the use of robotics is focused on the rehabilitation of the upper limb.

However, the range of equipment in the rehab hub allows some versatility to address the upper limb, lower limb and core.

Clients can have a program set up to be completed between therapy sessions in order to increase the amount of rehabilitation they are receiving, taking into consideration rest periods/fatigue.

The increase in repetition and practice has a direct effect on and complements the goals/outcome measures being focused on in their therapy sessions.

Advances in technology mean we are no longer only focused on the physical side of rehab but are now considering cognition, problem solving and memory.

STEPS team use the above technologies in conjunction with MindMaze technology.

MindMotion™ GO

The first-of-its-kind neurorehabilitation system offers full-body motion capture through optical markerless technology, real-time feedback on the quality of movement and a hardware peripheral to train hand dexterity.

Intento PRO

This digital therapeutic is designed to treat patients with severe impairment after stroke.

The solution gives patients control of their arm, enabling them to move and train again.

MindPod Dolphin for stroke upper-limb

A highly engaging animated gaming experience based on evidence and prescribed protocols, MindPod Dolphin is designed to promote the recovery of motor skill and cognitive function.

It comes with an anti-gravity vest that de-weights the arm and trains fine-motor control of the upper-limb by encouraging continuous exploration of its immersive oceanic environment.

Each client is assessed individually, and every program within the rehab hub is devised with their specific needs in mind.

The diverse range of technology allows our therapists to be creative in the treatments they prescribe.

By combining the latest innovative stroke tech with more traditional/conventional therapy techniques, our therapists can create unique experiences for everyone.

It is a privilege to be able to work alongside the developers and researchers to refine the technology and assist in developing best practice protocols, not only for stroke but also a wider range of diagnosis, such as Amputee, Complex trauma and Spinal Cord Injury.

The latest piece of technology to be provided by Fourier Intelligence is the:

ExoMotus™ M4 Lower Limb Exoskeleton Robot

The robot focuses on walking assistance, bringing more power to each stride.

The biped modular structure design is integrated with the in-house-developed motion control unit, multi-dimensional force sensor and smooth yet high-performing motors at the joints.

STEPS are the first clinical site to have this exciting bit of kit and are working with Fourier to gain the information required to get its C Marking in the near future.

This is an excerpt from our Special Report – Innovations in Stroke

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